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All News [275 articles]
Sep. 23, 2023
Understanding Korean Modernization
Courtest of Shawn AngggDavid A. TizzardBy David A. TizzardAsk foreign students whether Korea is modern or not and you will get lots of different answers. Many will nod their heads and point to the first-class infrastructure and public transportation
By David A. Tizzard | Posted Times : 2023-09-23
Sep. 18, 2023
RAS Korea celebrates 123rd anniversary with resumption of annual garden party
RAS Korea President Rev. Steven L. Shields gives a welcoming speech during the RAS Korea Garden Party held at the British ambassador's residence in central Seoul's historic Jeong-dong, Sept. 16. Korea Times photo by Jon DunbarBy Jon DunbarMembers of
By Jon Dunbar | Posted Times : 2023-09-18
Sep. 17, 2023
Korea in Ten Words: (3) Yeoyu
Courtesy of Guilherme StecanellaBy David A. TizzardI never quite understood the term “yeoyu” when I first heard it. It means something like space, but also hints at abundance, freedom and contentment. It is both physical and mental. Finan
Posted Times : 2023-09-17
Sep. 09, 2023
The smell of Korean nostalgia
Courtesy of Clark GuBy David A. Tizzard In Korean, the word “hyang-su” can mean either perfume or nostalgia. It's a beautiful coincidence. The fact that the word can refer to either smell or memory is easy to understand for certain odors
Posted Times : 2023-09-09
Sep. 02, 2023
The Korean pendulum of disparity
Courtesy of Bady AbbasBy David A. TizzardKorea constantly moves from one extreme to the other: from desperate poverty to the shattering affluence of Samsung chaebols, from isolation and xenophobia to a cosmopolitan cultural powerhouse, from collectiv
Posted Times : 2023-09-02
Aug. 26, 2023
The beautiful schizophrenia of K-pop
Courtest of Jr KorpaBy David A. Tizzard“You see”, the dean said to the attentively listening foreign officials, “Korean students are just not as creative as their Western counterparts. Their education is lacking. We are simply not d
Posted Times : 2023-08-26
Aug. 19, 2023
Do you choose Pyongyang or Tokyo?
Courtesy of Jonathan GreenawayBy David A. TizzardMy friend opened up her phone as we waited for our food. “Arrgh!” she screamed not three seconds after looking at it. She had just seen a photo of President Yoon Seok Yeol and that alone wa
Posted Times : 2023-08-19
Aug. 12, 2023
Korea in ten words: (2) Shame
Courtesy of Resource DatabaseBy David A. TizzardThere is no power or cultural trait possessed by one culture or race that is not possessed in some measure by all. The difference is one of degree. Language, culture and expression, then all affect how
Posted Times : 2023-08-12
Aug. 05, 2023
Safety and anxiety in Korea
Courtesy of Kasper RasmussenBy David A. TizzardFor many years, in my lectures and media appearances, I have championed the safety of Korea. I have spoken about how the streets feel safe to walk down, how there is little in the way of anti-social beha
Posted Times : 2023-08-05
Jul. 22, 2023
Korea in ten words: (1) Hyo
Courtesy of James XBy David A. TizzardThe emotional scene unfolded on the screen, and the students couldn't help but be drawn in by the raw intensity. Tears welled up in their eyes, and sniffs echoed softly across the room. These were punctuated by o
Posted Times : 2023-07-22
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