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All News [282 articles]
Nov. 25, 2023
An Englishman in Seoul
Courtesy of Jaeyoung Geoffrey KangBy David A. Tizzard “Miguk-in onda,” the Korean kids used to shout at me as I walked past the convenience store. The mere sight of a white guy on the streets of Seoul causing them to break out in cheers a
Posted Times : 2023-11-25
Nov. 18, 2023
'Gatsaeng' explained
Courtesy of Evie SBy Cho Ye-won and David A. TizzardCho Ye-won, David A TizzardWe all know that Korean people work hard. It’s something like a national motto. We study hard, practice hard, sing hard. The delivery drivers work hard. The pop star
By Cho Ye-won and David A. Tizzard | Posted Times : 2023-11-18
Nov. 11, 2023
The paradoxes of youth
Courtesy of CDD20By David A. TizzardDavid A. TizzardThe world many of us inhabited growing up is not the world that young people experience today. We should also probably say that there never was 'one' world, but rather my world and your world. Simil
By David A. Tizzard | Posted Times : 2023-11-11
Nov. 04, 2023
New Jeans, Mark Fisher, and Y2K Vibes
Courtesy of Hazel ZBy David A. Tizzard New Jeans and rave cultureI quite like some New Jeans songs. My kids put them on in the car, sing along, and learn the dances at their after-school clubs. To them, the songs are fresh, young and energetic. It&rs
By David A. Tizzard | Posted Times : 2023-11-04
Oct. 28, 2023
Remembering Itaewon
Courtesy of Tim UmphreysBy David A. TizzardThere are moments in our lives during which we can remember exactly where we were, what we were doing, the smells, and the sounds. These moments range from the trivial and mundane, arising as whimsical momen
By David A. Tizzard | Posted Times : 2023-10-28
Oct. 14, 2023
Can Han Byung-chul save Korea?
Courtesy of Stefan KDavid A. TizzardBy David A. TizzardToday, we are often told that mental health issues are an individual problem. If there’s something wrong inside my head, if I’m suffering from ADHD, biopolarism, depression, or any ot
By David A. Tizzard | Posted Times : 2023-10-14
Oct. 07, 2023
Korea in Ten Words: (4) Ppali Ppalli
Courtesy of Kim Seung-hyeonDavid A. TizzardBy David A Tizzard When we received a phone call saying that our son had broken his finger at Hapkido, we tensed up. My wife’s usually calm countenance was replaced immediately by a worried look of ang
By David A Tizzard | Posted Times : 2023-10-07
Sep. 23, 2023
Understanding Korean Modernization
Courtest of Shawn AngggDavid A. TizzardBy David A. TizzardAsk foreign students whether Korea is modern or not and you will get lots of different answers. Many will nod their heads and point to the first-class infrastructure and public transportation
By David A. Tizzard | Posted Times : 2023-09-23
Sep. 18, 2023
RAS Korea celebrates 123rd anniversary with resumption of annual garden party
RAS Korea President Rev. Steven L. Shields gives a welcoming speech during the RAS Korea Garden Party held at the British ambassador's residence in central Seoul's historic Jeong-dong, Sept. 16. Korea Times photo by Jon DunbarBy Jon DunbarMembers of
By Jon Dunbar | Posted Times : 2023-09-18
Sep. 17, 2023
Korea in Ten Words: (3) Yeoyu
Courtesy of Guilherme StecanellaBy David A. TizzardI never quite understood the term “yeoyu” when I first heard it. It means something like space, but also hints at abundance, freedom and contentment. It is both physical and mental. Finan
Posted Times : 2023-09-17
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