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All News [215 articles]
Jul. 02, 2022
Korean studies and K-vibe
Courtesy of Dickson PhuaBy David A. TizzardDuring the country's wettest season, a time that has seen expressways closed and rivers flooded, I make my way every morning to Hanyang University. One of the country's biggest and most prestigious universit
Posted Times : 2022-07-02
Jun. 25, 2022
Forget K-pop, real Korean activism is underground
Rumkicks /Courtesy of David TizzardBy David A. TizzardSome people access Korea through its literature, others through its movies, its beauty products, its webtoons, or its history. The pathways into the country and its culture are endless. And once i
Posted Times : 2022-06-25
Jun. 18, 2022
My Liberation Notes: A remarkable depiction of an unremarkable life
A screenshot from Korean drama series "My Liberation Notes." Korea Times fileBy David A. TizzardI wasn't necessarily expecting to like ”My Liberation Notes.” Most of the domestic Korean media had been talking about “Our Blues”
Posted Times : 2022-06-18
Jun. 11, 2022
Capitalist discontent and the kimchi premium
Courtesy of Wendelin JacoberBy David A. TizzardThe Korean economic system is creaking. The middle-class that, in part, gave birth to this nation's proud democracy is shrinking. The collective ethos that drove the country from poverty to the world sta
Posted Times : 2022-06-11
Jun. 04, 2022
Progressive in Korea?
Courtesy of Ahmad By David A. Tizzard Last week, Dong Sun-hwa explored the idea of the pop group BTS serving as a “model of diversity and inclusion.” And Ms. Dong, citing cultural studies professor Dr. Lee Gyu-tag, is correct. The South Korean idols
Posted Times : 2022-06-04
May. 31, 2022
Foreign-born voters feel invisible in local elections
Foreign residents participate in a mock poll held at a multicultural family support center in Daejeon, May 24, ahead of the June 1 local elections. YonhapOver 120,000 foreign residents eligible to vote, but lack of institutional support makes it diff
By 이효진 | Posted Times : 2022-05-31
May. 28, 2022
Korean Mental Health: Stranger Things
Courtesy of amenclinicsphotos By David A. Tizzard Season 4 of Stranger Things doesn't hold back on the content. Despite being set in mid-1980s America, the drama depicts the use of marijuana, ketamine, lesbian relationships, eating disorders, alcohol
Posted Times : 2022-05-28
May. 21, 2022
K-pop stars and Korean Politicians: Standards of morality
Courtesy of Jeol DugganBy David A. TizzardThe word 'idol' is used here for a reason. South Korean pop stars are expected to live up to almost impossible standards of behavior. They present themselves as an image of something beyond human: A Platonic
Posted Times : 2022-05-21
May. 07, 2022
Le Sserafim: Whisper-pop techno
Le Sserafim performs its debut track, "Fearless," during a press event in Seoul, May 2. YonhapBy David A. TizzardStarting the recent EP from Le Ssefarim, I must confess I wasn't expecting to be greeted with dirty techno, Japanese lyrics, the word bit
By David A. Tizzard | Posted Times : 2022-05-07
Apr. 30, 2022
Korean dramas vs K-dramas: What is a mother?
Courtesy of Dickson PhuaBy David A. TizzardWhat is a mother? Are there certain standards regarding age or socio-economic class that determine when it is acceptable or desirable to become a mother? Do these standards differ by country and over time? F
By David A. Tizzard | Posted Times : 2022-04-30
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