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All News [5 articles]
May. 14, 2019
Former Sechskies member: 'K-pop idols are ugly'
Kang Sung-hoon: “Shouldn't celebrities look good? They should have good skin and boast an aura.” /YonhapKang Sung-hoon, lead vocalist with '90s boy band Sechskies, has been under fire for belittling the appearances of current K-pop idols.
By 홍지민 | Posted Times : 2019-05-14
Stone throwing
Jul. 11, 2013
GSMA asks Samsung to push 'Joyn' app
By Kim Yoo-chulGSMA Director General Anne Bouverot speaks during a news conference in Seoul, Thursday afternoon. / Courtesy of GSMAGSMA, a global association of mobile industry players, said Thursday that it’s in talks with Samsung Electronics
By 김유철 | Posted Times : 2013-07-11
Stone throwing
May. 28, 2012
Kakao Talk brings new free services
By Cho Mu-hyun Kakao Talk, the immensely popular mobile messenger service, had mostly negative headlines about server shutdowns over the past month in place ... technology's fast development that is making borders between different platform
By 조무현 | Posted Times : 2012-05-28
Feb. 08, 2012
Tournaments, live broadcasts herald rise of e-sports
... December tournament brought cyber contestants to battle it out on the popular PC game. Korea hosted the first StarCraft I World Cyber Games tournament in 1999, ... StarCraft did not have professional English broadcasters that could accu
By 채희묵 | Posted Times : 2012-02-08
Jul. 01, 2011
Competitive computer gaming endures growing pains
... fans aren't too happy about the faraway venue, as they ridicule the league's talk about going global as a confession that it's quickly losing local footing. The ... and playing a role in pushing the country's broadband penetration above
By 김동형 | Posted Times : 2011-07-01
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