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Fri, March 24, 2023 | 05:58
[DEAR ABBY] Wife begins seeing husband more as parent than partner
DEAR ABBY: My husband is 38; I am 36. 애비 선생님께: 남편은 38살이고, 저는 36살입니다.
NewJeans under attack from Chinese online users for promoting 'hanji'
K-pop rookie girl group NewJeans has faced malicious comments from Chinese online users after promoting Korea's traditional paper "hanji". K팝 신예 걸그룹 '뉴진스’가 한국 전통 종이 한지를 홍보한 후 중국 인터넷 이용자들의 악플에 시달리고 있다.
Hopper, Cattelan, Chang Uc-chin: exhibitions not to miss in 2023
Blockbuster exhibitions, 2 biennales awaiting art enthusiasts '블록버스터’ 전시와 2개의 비엔날레, 미술애호가들 기다려
Elderly population outgrows social safety net
Experts call for drastic measures as Korea braces for ultra-aged society 전문가들, “한국은 과감한 조치로 초고령 사회 대비해야”
What to expect in 2023
In the New Year, the nation will face a lot of changes. 2023년 새해에 한국은 많은 변화에 직면한다.
[DEAR ABBY] Absent mother uses guilt to manipulate her child
DEAR ABBY: I have always been the outsider in my family. 애비 선생님께: 저는 가족에게서 항상 고립되어 있었습니다.
Global rise of Korean soft power
'K' in K-content has become indicative of 'premium': culture experts 문화 전문가들, “K콘텐츠의 'K’, '고급’의 지표돼”
Will Korean economy slip into recession in 2023?
Faltering exports, private spending expected to further weigh on Korean economy 불안정한 수출 및 민간소비, 한국 경제 압박할 것으로 예상
Year of Rabbit: prosperity, longevity and wisdom
2023 is the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac. 2023년은 십이지 중 토끼의 해다.
Korea becomes 7th nation to explore moon
Danuri successfully settles into lunar orbit earlier than expected 다누리, 예상보다 일찍 달 궤도 진입 성공
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