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Thu, March 30, 2023 | 14:25
FIFA chief's remarks over World Cup in North Korea raises eyebrows
Western sanctions on Kim regime are still working, Seoul maintains hardline stance on Pyongyang 김정은 정권을 향한 서방국의 제재가 계속되는 가운데, 한국은 북한에 강경한 태도 보여
[EDITORIAL] Revive growth momentum
Economic outlook much gloomier next year 내년 경제 전망 더 암울해
Goryeo-era celadon found underwater put on display
It was May 2007 when a fisherman working off the coast of Taean’s Daeseom Island in South Chungcheong Province caught in his fish trap a webfoot octopus grabbing onto what appeared to be a celadon bowl from the Goryeo period (918-1392).
[INTERVIEW] Korean American attorney wants to become voice of voiceless
Growing up in California as the son of Korean American immigrants, David Kim is all too familiar with the vicious circle of poverty. 한국계 미국인 이민자의 아들로 캘리포니아에서 자란 데이비드 김은 가난의 악순환에 매우 익숙하다.
[DEAR ABBY] Bride-to-be doesn't want sister in wedding party
DEAR ABBY: I became engaged to a wonderful man five months ago. 애비 선생님께: 저는 5개월 전 아주 멋진 남자와 약혼을 했습니다.
Music producer explains why he dove into K-pop world
'K-pop format allows limitless musical experimentation' 'K팝 구성 방식은 제한 없는 음악적 실험을 가능하게 한다'
Abortion remains stuck in legal gray area in Korea
Pro-choice advocates call for insurance coverage of abortion, while doctors oppose it 임신 중절 합법화 찬성파, 낙태에 보험 적용 촉구하며 의사들과 대립
[EDITORIAL] Stop siding with North Korea
China, Russia hit for opposing more sanctions 중국과 러시아, 추가 제재 반대로 비판 받아
[DEAR ABBY] Old romance rekindled amid current marriage
DEAR ABBY: I have been in love with a man for 34 years. 애비 선생님께: 한 남자를 34년간 사랑했습니다.
Korea to build Antarctica's 6th inland station by 2030
The government will build an inland research station in Antarctica by 2030. 정부가 2030년까지 남국 내륙기지를 구축할 계획이라고 밝혔다.