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Mon, September 27, 2021 | 01:59
Victim breaks silence about SCJ's deceptive tactics to recruit overseas members, inhumane treatment of its members
The last eight years have been a nightmare for former nurse, Seo, 29, who asked to be identified only by her surname.
Seungri remains silent on Burning Sun controversy
Neither Seungri nor his agency YG Entertainment has responded after an alleged assault at the club Burning Sun stirred up debate two days ago.
Actor's hilarious YouTube channel becomes popular
An increasing number of celebrities, including comedians, singers and actors, are jumping on the YouTube bandwagon as creators to share their raw stories.
JTBC's hit drama benefits cast members
Cast members of TV series “Sky Castle” are being wooed to appear in various commercials as JTBC's hit drama broke its own viewership record by hitting cable network's highest record on Sunday when the 19th episode aired.
'Extreme Job' attracts over 3 mil., renews daily ticket sales records
The cop-comedy film “Extreme Job” has sold over 3.1 million tickets as of Sunday, five days after it hit local theaters.
Asia Development Foundation donates $90,000 to World Taekwondo for women, children
The Asia Development Foundation (ADF) donated 1 billion won ($90,000) to the World Taekwondo (WT) headquarters in Seoul, Friday, aiming to help the underprivileged in developing countries through taekwondo.
Controversial religious group uses K-pop boom for overseas recruiting
The local Christian community alleged Wednesday that a controversial religious group has been using the international K-pop boom to increase its members, urging believers to stay alert not to be duped by the “heretical” group.
Stars deny dating rumors until proven
The way two mega stars - Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin - have reacted to the rumors they are dating has some parallels with the “Song-Song couple” referring to Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki who stunned the nation in October 2017 with their surprise marriage announcement.
Buddhist sect embroiled in sexual misconduct allegation
Buddhist sect Jingak Order has become embroiled in a sexual misconductallegation, amid the #MeToo campaign, which swept the nation around this time last year, showing signs of rekindling after some athletes broke their silence.
Tom Malmquist shares his most 'raw experience' in first novel
“The consultant stamps down the wheel lock of Karin's hospital bed. In a loud voice he addresses the intensive care nurses, who are cutting open her tank top and sports bra: Pregnant woman, week thirty-three, child reportedly in good health, started feeling ill about five days ago with flu-like symptoms...” written in a hectic first-person present tense, a narrator begins the...
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