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Mon, September 20, 2021 | 13:37
Scorching heat puts K-drama's extreme working conditions in spotlight
With a record-breaking heat wave gripping the nation for weeks, local broadcasting companies are canceling or delaying shooting schedules to deal with the extreme working environment.Major broadcasters KBS, MBC, SBS and CJ ENM are striving to improve working conditions for staff amid the scorching heat.A staff member of KBS 2's “2 Days & 1 Night” said they cancelled scheduled...
'Photo chat' popular among millennials
“No text messages. Images only, please." In an era where doing things alone is no longer seen as unusual, some members of the digital generation chat online anonymously through photos, not text.
Church leaders urge gov't to scrap 'pro-homosexual' policy
A group of Protestant church leaders urged the government to stop its attempts to implement policies in favor of lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people.Staging a protest in front of Cheong Wa Dae in Seoul, Wednesday, the leaders of 21 Protestant denominations demanded the government withdraw the National Action Plan for Human Rights which is expected to be approv...
2016 movie parallels governor's scandal
A 2016 movie has drawn belated public attention after an investigative TV program raised suspicions about Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung's alleged connections with organized crime. The plot of the award-winning film “Asura” - dealing with a corruption ring involving the mayor of the fictional city Annam, his colluder, a homicide detective, and a local gang - parallels what a...
'High-tech sweatshop' in spotlight
A self-employed worker identified only by his surname Jung has firsthand experience with the tragic consequences of inhumanely long work hours.He saw his coworker die after years of hard work without proper rest. His coworker was last seen alive four years ago at Jung's former workplace, one of the nation's largest companies.
Singing for stress-free workplace [VIDEO]
Like other amateur bands, the seven-member band KOLAVO had humble beginnings. Cho Hyun-jai, 35, a publicist who has worked for Kolon Group for 11 years, first came up with the idea of forming an in-house music group five years ago. It was a passion-driven project, not something that came out of the blue.
'Gangnam Beauty' searches for true meaning of beauty
Plastic surgery has become part of daily life in Korea. Anyone can easily find subway ads featuring images of women with big eyes and sharp noses. These ads also come with a message that says “you can look this way, too,” in the country with the highest per capita rate of cosmetic surgery in the world.
Brown Eyed Girls' Miryo to come back with new single 'TRUE'
Rapper Miryo of the four-member girl group Brown Eyed Girls will release her new mini-album “TRUE” next week, featuring the dreamy pop track “Yellow.”The new release is the finale of her three-part solo single album project, “DREAMS COME TRUE,” her agency Mystic Entertainment said Wednesday.
'Life' takes viewers behind-the-scenes of hospital
Medical dramas and films have contributed to make hospitals a familiar subject to the public,giving a glimpse into the life of medical professionals. However, JTBC's new medical drama “Life” takes a step further, taking viewers directly to the ugly truth behind slick appearances. The drama's first episode, aired Monday, showed what happens behind-the-scenes in a hospital by e...
Belgian K-pop fans stage flash mob
K-pop fans held flash mob performances at major Belgian cities to promote Korean idol groups, Friday (local time).At around 11 a.m., some 75 Belgian K-pop fans danced K-pop music video moves from artists such as Black Pink, Momoland, Wanna One, without music at the Place Saint-Lambert square at the center of Liege, the fourth largest city in Belgium.
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