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Mon, December 4, 2023 | 23:10
Madonna releases new music after calling song leak 'artistic rape'
Madonna has been busy over the last several days. First, she drew outrage when she compared the leaking of her new album to “artistic rape.” Then she surprised the world by releasing six of the songs online.
Sony hack puts other NK-related films on ice
The recent hacking of Sony Pictures has prompted other Hollywood producers from casting North Korea as the villain in upcoming movies, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports.
Man fakes heart attack while buddy steals Barbie toys
A man allegedly faked a heart attack at a Walmart store in Lake Wales, Fla. last week to create a diversion while an accomplice walked out with a cart full of toys.
Cocaine found in German coffee shipment
A coffee-roasting business in Berlin got a surprise recently when it was shipped not only java, but 33 kilograms of cocaine.
3D technology gives dog new lease on life
A 3D-printing company in South Carolina has used cutting-edge technology to help improve the life of a dog with underdeveloped front legs.
Comfort food, Hawaiian-style
Hawaii native Howard Kim is bringing the islands' most popular dishes to Seoul.
Sony cancels release of 'Interview' after threats
Sony Pictures on Wednesday cancelled the theatrical release of “The Interview,” a project that had angered North Korea and prompted threats from hackers, AFP reported. "In light of the decision by the majority of our (theater) exhibitors not to show the film 'The Interview,' we have decided not to move forward with the... theatrical release," Sony Pictures said in a statement.
Heather Cho summoned over 'nut rage'
The former vice president of Korean Air appeared before prosecutors Wednesday to face questioning for allegedly forcing a flight crew member off the plane over nut-serving etiquette.
Human Rights Watch raps gov't over defamation laws
Today on the Korea Times Podcast: Human Rights Watch issued a warning to the South Korean government over treatment of journalists following the Blue House filed lawsuits against several members of the press.
Cat survives trip in moving box with no food or water
A cat has survived a 36-day trip in a moving box with no water or food, after it was accidentally packed away by movers.
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