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Sat, December 9, 2023 | 17:19
Man uses goats to 'recycle' Christmas trees
A Reno, Nevada man has found a way to safely discard of used Christmas trees, which can become fire hazards: feed them to goats.
Here's what happens when a bird gets drunk
If you’ve ever had a few drinks and gotten the urge to belt out a song or two, you’re not alone. It turns out that birds are the same way.
'Saved by the Bell' star arrested in stabbing
Dustin Diamond, popularly known as “Screech” from the 1990s American sitcom “Saved by the Bell,” was arrested last week after a stabbing incident in Wisconsin, reports said.
One dead, 4 missing in fishing boat fire off Dokdo
One fisherman died and four others went missing Tuesday after a fishing vessel carrying 10 sailors caught fire off South Korea's easternmost islets of Dokdo, the safety ministry said.
'Jack Daniels names son Jim Beam'
A man in Gray, Louisiana named after a whiskey has named his son after a bourbon brand.
Attempt to demolish building fails hard
A video recently recorded in the disputed city of Sevastopol shows how not to demolish a building.
Facebook sorry for painful 'Year in Review'
Anyone who has checked their Facebook account recently has probably seen a number of “Year in Review” posts - Facebook-created holiday cards that highlight a person’s year.
Seoul to join search for missing plane
South Korea said Monday it plans to send a surveillance plane this week to join the Indonesia-led search for an AirAsia plane that went missing a day earlier with 162 people on board.
Intelligence sharing, jailed tycoons and nuke jitters
Korea joins the United States and Japan in an intelligence sharing agreement and the ministry may pardon jailed tycoons to boost the economy.
Major N. Korean websites remain unstable for 5th day
Access to major North Korean websites remained unstable Saturday for the fifth straight day following U.S. hints at cyber retaliation last week.
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