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Thu, February 22, 2024 | 23:20
NK to complete rocket site expansion soon: report
North Korea is expected to complete the expansion of a long-range rocket launch site on the country's west coast by this fall, a report said Thursday, in a move that will allow the regime to fire bigger rockets with heavier payloads.
Women becoming smarter faster than men
Women are getting smarter faster than men, closing a gap in “cognitive abilities” due to better health, education and living conditions, a study shows.
Use fist bumps to avoid germs
U.S. President Barack Obama is well known for the “fist bump,” a friendly greeting he has famously used with his wife Michelle as well as with other citizens.
Man loses cool when phone rings during interview
Many people have experienced the awkwardness of having their mobile phone ring unexpectedly. Perhaps you forgot to put it on vibrate, or forgot it was in your bag. The point is, mistakes happen, and it is all about how smoothly one can recover.
Press conference ends in brawl
A press conference for a UFC bout was supposed to be routine, but turned into anything but when the fighters started brawling.
Woman risks life to save injured dog
Most people hate to see an animal in distress, but how many would have the courage to cross a busy highway to help?
Korea, US to hold OPCON meeting this week
Korea and the United States will hold a second round of talks this week on delaying the planned transfer of the wartime operational control (OPCON) of South Korean troops from Washington to Seoul, the Pentagon said Monday.
Who's responsible for MH17, and Asia's Cold War
Investigators try to piece together what happened to flight MH17, is a new Cold War brewing, and Korea still struggles with the Sewol tragedy. These stories and more are on this edition of Asia News Weekly.
Sailor recalls Dong Won nightmare
Indonesian sailor Arif remembers his stint working aboard Dong Won vessels as one long nightmare, in which he was forced to endure hardships beyond the already rugged realities of hauling fish.
Indonesian sailors seek $14 million in unpaid wages
More than 200 Indonesian sailors who worked for Korean fishing companies off New Zealand are taking their former employers to court for nearly $14 million in unpaid wages.