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Sat, December 9, 2023 | 17:49
Hordes of maggots removed from man's ear
Many people have heard a horror story involving bugs that burrowed into a person’s ear. If that made you a bit queasy, then this story about a man with a mass of squiggling maggots in his ear will make your stomach turn.
Asia has its latest, bizarre viral hit
A Chinese music video that has drawn comparisons to Psy’s “Gangnam Style” because of its bizarre imagery is racking up views on YouTube.
Teacher snaps rabbit's neck, shocking students
A high school science teacher in Idaho is in hot water after snapping a rabbit’s neck and skinning the animal in front of the class.
NK raises complaint with Clapper over human rights issue
North Korean officials criticized the U.S. for using the issue of human rights to intervene in their domestic affairs when they met with the U.S. intelligence chief sent to Pyongyang to win the release of two American citizens, the spy chief said.
Podcast: Does releasing US prisoners improve N. Korea's human rights image?
The latest episode of the Asia News Weekly on Korea Times podcast explores the release of Kenneth Bae and Mathew Miller, and what it means for North Korea.
Another 'hot' mug-shot goes viral
Another alleged criminal has become a person of interest not because of his misdeeds, but for his good looks.
'Trash-picking millionaire' draws plaudits in Bahrain
A man in Bahrain who is reportedly a millionaire from Korea is drawing praise for his daily practice of picking up trash to help keep the community clean.
Giant pink condom in Sydney draws controversy
A giant pink condom set up in Sydney to raise awareness about safe sex has drawn criticism from some corners.
'Zombies' retrieved from Lake Michigan
Rescue crews in Chicago are pulling zombies out of Lake Michigan.
N. Korea frees US citizens Kenneth Bae, Matthew Todd Miller
North Korea has released two American citizens who had been detained there, the U.S. government announced Saturday.
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