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Thu, February 22, 2024 | 23:35
Won: no VIX currency, for now
The Korean won is no longer a VIX (Volatility Index) currency. This is a temporary condition arising from weak domestic demand. It will end when the next credit cycle heats up.
Good and bad deficits
“Deficits are always bad,” thunder fiscal hawks. Not so, replies strategic investment analyst H. Wood Brock in an interesting new book, The American Gridlock. A proper assessment, Brock argues, depends on the “composition and quality of total government spending.”
Hot stuff coming from Korea
From Kimchi to the latest tablets, Korean goods have swept across the globe. Cultural merchandise is no exception. Since the Korean wave ― aka Hallyu ― began in 1999, Korea's global cultural appeal has surged. Korean TV soaps first hooked Chinese and Japanese viewers. Not long after, the country's music and movies climbed up Asian media charts. Today, Hallyu has spread across...
A clarion call for emerging markets
With 2012 underway, it is worth reflecting on how a decade of strong economic growth in emerging markets led to last year’s resounding political transformations. From the dramatic events in the Middle East, to the groundswell of support for the anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare in India, leaders in emerging markets are getting a clear message from the streets that growth i...
Risk intelligent decision-making
The global economic recession and related large-scale shock events have propelled executives globally to revisit and reevaluate how they view risks. The best way to move forward from here remains unclear for many.
Lying on one’s back and spitting
A common Korean expression to describe self-destructive, abnormal and irrational behavior is “lying on one’s back and spitting.” If you lie on your back and spit, the saliva will probably fall back to your face. One of the policy platforms adopted by the two opposition parties, namely the Democratic United Party and the Unified Progressive Party, is intended to scrap the free...
Pororo aims to be world's beloved icon
Standing next to a Pororo statue, Ahn Ye-eun, 4, was jumping nonstop with excitement at a Pororo-themed park in Shindorim, southern Seoul. “She’s been speechless ever since she got here, she’s probably thinking she’s dreaming now,” said Yoo Jung-ran, 60, a grandmother who babysits Ahn and her brother, Hyun-sung, 7. That’s what happens when a family makes a trip to the newl...
Korean mobile carriers‘ earnings slip as race for LTE heightens
Korea’s three telecommunications companies, SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus reported poor earnings in the fourth quarter that ended in December, 2011.
Enering a new slowdown
The European crisis is pulling the rest of the global economy into a new slowdown. The numbers indicate that the eurozone may have already entered into recession during the last quarter of 2011. The simultaneous fiscal austerity programs across Europe and new banking regulations are strangling demand growth, and therefore economic growth. Consumers and investors are understan...
North Korea risks on the radar
The death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il last December carried geopolitical risks for the Korean Peninsula. In the past events in the North gave rise to immediate financial market volatility although it quickly recovered not long thereafter to return to its previous levels.
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