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Thu, February 22, 2024 | 23:08
Is the won expensive?
The question posed in our title is motivated by the results of a recent exercise in calculating Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) exchange rates. PPP exchange rates compare the prices of the same basket of goods in two countries. Several times a year, ING’s global team of economists goes shopping for a basket of goods and services.
’Green growth’ report card
Since the Lee Myung-bak administration's green growth initiative was put in place in 2008, the government and large corporations have invested in developing many green technologies in low carbon and renewable energy. But going into its fourth year, the government's top-down approach fell short in embracing small- and medium-sized companies, while carrying out its grand mi...
Middle-class crisis and the new poor
A 33-year-old woman, surnamed Park, makes between $40,000 and $45,000 a year from her job in theater marketing. She used to feel comfortable with her lifestyle where she ate out four or five times a week and enjoyed going to movies and concerts in her free time.
It’s the tax, stupid
In the normal course of business, tax is secondary at best. Business strategies and activities come first. Maybe it’s the time to take a step back and have second thoughts for just a few seconds. The global environment is different. It is not the same as it used to be even a few years ago.
Islamic finance unbound
While uncertainty continues to roil global markets, driving many investors into full retreat, one part of the financial sector is expanding exponentially: Islamic-law-compliant financial assets have grown from about $5 billion in the late 1980’s to roughly $1.2 trillion in 2011.
Can Asia save world economy?
The world economic outlook for the short and medium term has grown increasingly uncertain due to the confluence of nearly three years of adverse developments. Both Europe and the United States face gloomy and uncertain growth prospects due to the former’s lingering sovereign debt crisis in the southern eurozone and the latter’s lack of credible medium-term plans for debt redu...
Korea behind in healthcare costs
Considering the country has one of the world’s lowest birth rates and its general population is aging fast, Korea finds itself needing to boost it.
The remaking of Europe needed
The world enters the year 2012 awaiting a solution to the European crisis. The decision by the European Central Bank to offer a 36-month liquidity facility for banks, for the first time, and the decision by the European Council to take steps towards tighter fiscal integration have been well received by the financial markets. The twin and interrelated problems of sovereign deb...
What is your dream for the year of Black Dragon?
We have just entered the new year of 2012. It is a Korean tradition to give 12 different animal signs – cow, tiger, horse, monkey, and others – to each year in rotation. This year is the year of black dragon which comes around every 60 years. In the East, the mystical imaginary animal is thought to have royal traits and appears in stories as a divine animal with g...
Risks lie ahead for Korean economy in 2012
2012 is the Year of the Black Dragon. Coming once every 60 years in the lunar calendar, the year of the Black Dragon is remembered special in Korean history. The 1592 Japanese invasion into Korea is one example.
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