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Reporter : Lee Yeon-woo
Sat, September 23, 2023 | 15:32
Financial firms battle for subway naming rights in Seoul
Starting in September, Yeouido Station on Seoul Metro's Line 9 will bear an additional name - Shinhan Securities. This follows Shinhan Securities' successful bid to acquire naming rights for the station.
Korea trapped in state of declining productivity
Koreans work longer hours than most of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) members but earn less in return. This disparity, exacerbating the nation's lagging economic growth, is adding to calls for the government to take decisive actions to address diminishing productivity.
BNK in damage control mode following multiple cases of employee malpractice
BNK Financial Group is eager to restore public trust following multiple cases of illicit activities by a number of its employees. The group has recently been rolling out a series of measures to bolster internal controls at its banking subsidiary.
Moody's upgrades Hana Bank's credit rating from A1 to Aa3
Hana Bank announced Friday that Moody's has upgraded its long-term foreign currency and local currency deposit ratings to Aa3 from A1. The global credit ratings agency gave a high evaluation regarding the bank's efforts and ability to manage asset quality, capital adequacy and profitability in the face of economic volatility both domestically and internationally, the bank sai...
Shinhan Bank marks three decades in Vietnam
Shinhan Bank CEO Jung Sang-hyuk, second from left, poses with State Bank of Vietnam Deputy Governor Pham Tien Dzung, center, and Vietcom Bank CEO Pham Quang Dzung, second from right, at an event in a hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Friday, to celebrate the bank's 30th year of operation...
Young bankers choose early retirement amid soaring bank profits
The age of bankers opting for voluntary retirement is consistently decreasing, with even those in their late 30s now taking this route. Market watchers attribute this trend to a surge in banks' profits, leading to favorable early retirement terms, and a growing inclination among individuals to swiftly plan for the next chapter of their lives.
Authorities blame internet-only banks' mortgage loans for high household debt
Financial authorities are closely watching internet-only banks, identifying their non-face-to-face mortgage loans as a contributing factor to the rapid surge in household debt. Authorities are investigating whether the loan screening procedures and management of default rates of such banks are appropriate.
Woori chief encourages affiliates after disappointing performance in H1
Woori Financial Group Chairman Yim Jong-yong is visiting the group's major affiliates to encourage employees in the wake of the group's disappointing performance during the first half of this year.
[INTERVIEW] Can Seoul stamp out real estate speculation?
For many Koreans, real estate represents more than a place to live. For decades, it has yielded remarkable returns for investors, fostering the belief that prices will continue to climb as long as others keep investing in property. By the end of 2021, real estate accounted for 64.4 percent of assets owned by Korean households.
Economic rebound unlikely this year: KERI
Korea's economy is unlikely to rebound this year given the worsening outlooks for exports and domestic demand, a think tank operated by the country's largest business lobby said.
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