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Tue, July 5, 2022 | 09:40
Prehistoric village found at Legoland site
Plans to build Korea’s first Legoland theme park could stall because archeologists have found the remains of a prehistoric village at the site in Chuncheon, northeast of Seoul.
Men are happier with smarter wives, study claims
It was once believed that a marriage was most likely to last when a husband was better educated than his wife. American researchers have established that the opposite is true in the 21st century.
Man who attacked girlfriend's brother with axe avoids jail
A man who attacked his estranged girlfriend’s brother with an axe - leaving the victim with serious injuries to his head, limbs and back - has avoided jail.
Take World Cup away from Russia, urges Britain's Deputy PM
British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has urged FIFA to take the 2018 World Cup away from Russia.
Girl band Red Velvet to make debut
SM Entertainment, Korea’s largest producer of predictable, conveyer-belt K-pop music, will unveil a girl band called Red Velvet next month.
Former WWE champ catches burglary suspect
Former WWE champion Daniel Bryan used one of his pro-wrestling moves to catch a suspected burglar, the Associated Press reported.
Japanese man arrested with 6kg of meth
A Japanese traveler had six kilograms of methamphetamine in his bag when he was arrested at the Gimhae International Airport on Saturday, Busan police said.
Hyundai Motor, Kia hit hard by unfavorable exchange rate
South Korea's two largest carmakers have fallen victim to unfavorable foreign exchange rates that caused an across the board drop in earnings in the first half of 2014 despite better sales from last year, industry data showed Sunday. Combined global sales of cars by Hyundai Motor Co. and Kia Motors Corp., flagships of Hyundai Motor Group, the world fifth-largest automotive conglomerate, reached 4,042,960 vehicles in the January-June period, up a solid 5.4 percent from 3,836,445 units tallied for the year before.
Woman fined for stopping to save ducklings from traffic
A woman who had called police after stopping on a busy highway to help some stranded ducklings has been fined $44 for her efforts.
Woman climbs zoo barrier to feed cookies to lions
A woman has been banned from Memphis Zoo after she climbed into a lion enclosure and tried to feed cookies to the animals, the Associated Press reported.
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