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Thu, May 19, 2022 | 01:33
Doctors save unborn child of woman killed in Gaza
Doctors saved the newborn baby of a woman killed during a recent shelling of Gaza, Agence France-Presse reports.
Eva Green's nipples deemed too sexy for TV
First it was U.S. film censors banning an Eva Green poster for “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” for showing too much breast. Now, American television network ABC has rejected the movie’s trailer because Green’s slinky, sheer white robe makes her “appear to be naked.”
Dawkins blasted for rape tweet
Scientist, atheist and bestselling author Richard Dawkins has caused an outcry after tweeting that rape can involve varying degrees of severity.
Korea gives up trying to tax pastors, priests and monks
Political talks about collecting income tax from pastors, priests and monks are all but dead as lawmakers continue to fear upsetting Korea’s powerful church groups.
North Korea halts operations of Soviet fighters after series of crashes
Three North Korean MiG-19 fighters have crashed this year, leading to the suspension of flight drills involving the aircraft, South Korea's military sources said Wednesday. The supersonic MiG-19 aircraft is a Soviet second-generation fighter developed in 1953. Some 400 MiG variants are still in service in the communist North, accounting for about half of its fighters.
Kindergarten teacher 'forced toddlers to hit each other'
A Busan kindergarten allegedly forced two toddlers to take turns hitting each other to punish them for fighting.
Russia reconnected with gecko sex satellite
Russian scientists have re-established contact with a satellite carrying geckos being tested for the effects of microgravity on sex.
Football star Son Heung-min dating Girls' Day member
Bayer Leverkusen striker Son Heung-min is in a romantic relationship with Minah, a singer with sexy four-member girl band Girls’ Day, according to a local report.
Girls' Generation tops Japanese chart
While Girls’ Generation no longer dominates the Korean pop scene, the nine photogenic women continue to be a massive draw in Japan.
Super Junior member finishes military service
Lee Teuk, a singer from popular boy band Super Junior, has been discharged after finishing his compulsory military service on Tuesday.
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