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Thu, May 19, 2022 | 01:51
AWOL soldier athletes, including Kim Yu-na's boyfriend, involved in car crash
Three ice hockey national team members on active military duty were discovered to have left their barracks without permission and failed to report a car crash they were involved in, the defense ministry said Wednesday. On June 27, the three draftees -- two sergeants, surnamed Lee and Kim, and a corporal, surnamed Lee -- left their training camp in Ilsan, just north of Seoul, ...
Bieber music too much to bear
It took a while, but the world has finally found a use for Justin Bieber _ his music apparently repels dangerous bears.
Jo Sumi to perform at Daejeon papal mass
Opera singer Jo Sumi will perform during a Pope Francis mass in Daejeon next week, Universal Music said Wednesday.
Actress claims ex-boyfriend killed Jim Morrison
Singer and actress Marianne Faithfull has accused ex-boyfriend Jean de Breteuil of killing Jim Morrison, The Doors enigmatic front-man.
Jun Ji-hyun - actress and real estate queen
Jun Ji-hyun’s immensely successful television and movie career has allowed her to accumulate property worth more than 13.5 billion won (about $12.7 million) in property, according to business website
Horse enjoys a back-seat drive
It is not unusual for motorists to see dogs sitting in the back of a car. But this time it was a horse on the backseat, pushing its head out of a car window on a highway in Brazil.
Hammon NBA's first female regular season coach
Reigning National Basketball Association (NBA) champion San Antonio Spurs always seem to be ahead of everyone else.
Snakes alive! Woman crashes car into fire station
A woman who crashed her car into a fire station was in possession of marijuana and also a stolen snake, which was wrapped around her neck, Associated Press reported.
Luxury alarm clock doubles as bedside barista
British designer Josh Renouf has invented a luxury alarm clock that wakes you with a fresh cup of coffee.
Parents take jobless, ultra-lazy son to court
Beijing ultra-slacker Xu Qing, 29, has refused to work since finishing college because he found employment “too boring.” Now his parents have taken him to court to force him to get out.
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