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Tue, July 5, 2022 | 10:25
Emma Watson UN Goodwill Ambassador for women
British actress Emma Watson is the new Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women, the organization dedicated to gender equality.
You need plastic surgery, companies tell Korean golfer
The best female golfer in Japan is Korean. Ahn Sun-ju, 26, has won 16 tournaments, including three this year, and banked 500 million yen (about $5 million) prize money since joining the JLPGA in 2010.
'Doctor Stranger' hits the hit trail in China
SBS became the envy of Korean television companies when its drama series “My Love from the Stars” enjoyed immense success in China. Now it seems the broadcaster has a good follow-up.
Pathetic 'Transformers 4' rules local box office
No one will admit they enjoyed “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” the fourth installment in Michael Bay’s giant alien robot series that some have grouped with historic stinkers like “Dragon Wars” as cinematic crimes against humanity.
Footballer's daughter makes K-pop debut
Korean football icon Hwang Sun-hong’s daughter Hwang Hyun-jin will debut as a pop singer with girl band Ye.A, her agency said on Monday.
Koreans slim down weddings amid economic woes, but social norms bite
Saying "I do" has become an extravagance in Korea, where an average wedding costs over 100 million won ($99,039) and buying an apartment in Seoul is more like a bucket list item for office workers. With the employment rate at a record low for 15-29 year olds, the high costs are prompting young couples to postpone their plans for marriage and children.
Will Twitter ruin your relationship?
Excessive Twitter use can have damaging effects on marriages and romantic relationships, a new study suggests.
Let's admit it: we have no talent in flirting
Humans are terrible at flirting, concluded a University of Kansas study. Most men and women are really bad at identifying a flirt when they see one, but are much better at figuring out when others are just not interested, according to lead researcher Jeffrey Hall.
Singer launches 'healing' program for ferry survivors
Pop singer Kim Jang-hoon plans to launch a support group aimed at providing mental-health treatment to survivors of the Sewol ferry disaster and victims’ families.
Park Bom vs Segye Ilbo: round 2
Singer Park Bom has strongly denied drug smuggling accusations brought up against her by Segye Ilbo, but the newspaper isn’t backing off.