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Mon, November 28, 2022 | 21:17
Singer Rain receives Catholic baptism
Actor-singer Rain was recently baptized as a Catholic to share the religion of his high-profile girlfriend, actress Kim Tae-hee, his management agency said Monday.
Gaza suffers bloodiest day of Israel offensive
Gaza suffered the bloodiest day of the current offensive as least 100 Palestinians and 13 Israeli soldiers were killed since Sunday (KST) night after Israel unleashed its heaviest bombardment of the campaign. With the total death toll in Gaza now standing at more than 425, U.S. President Barack Obama told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he had “serious concern”...
Finance minister, central banker agree on downside risks, avoid rate discussion
South Korea's finance minister and Bank of Korea (BOK) governor held their first meeting on Monday where they agreed to cooperate to support Asia's fourth-largest economy. Finance Minister Choi Kyung-hwan, who took office last week, said the two organizations are the "two axis" of the Korean economy and should team up for the economy to flourish.
'Haters' more likely to excel at their jobs
Grumpy people at work are likely to be more competent than their smiling, upbeat colleagues, a study shows.
US brushes aside North Korea's movie protest
A U.S. official on Friday brushed aside North Korea's protest against an American comedy film about a plot to assassinate its leader, Kim Jong-un, saying filmmakers are free to make whatever movie they want. "We are of course aware of press reports about North Korean concerns about this movie," a U.S. government official said in response to a question from Yonhap News Agency....
Obama points to pro-Russian rebels in plane attack
U.S. President Barack Obama said his government believes a surface-to-air missile fired from an east Ukraine area controlled by Russia-backed separatist rebels brought down Malaysian Airlines flight MH17.
No-stand rule in buses falling apart
Three days after the government banned passengers from standing in inter-city buses for safety reasons, buses are packed like sardines as if nothing happened.
Four Koreans sentenced in US prostitution case
The Korean owner of a massage parlor in Macon, Georgia, was sentenced to three years in prison for unlawfully operating a prostitution business.
JYJ announces new album plans
K-pop boy band JYJ will release an album in late July, its management agency said Friday.
Move to sell IBK stake falls apart: sources
South Korea's planned sale of part of its stakes in the Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) fell apart recently, sources said Friday. The government planned to sell about 23 million shares of its stake in the IBK through a block deal on Thursday in after-hours trading, according to the sources. The deal was estimated at around 300 billion won ($290.3 million).