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Fri, September 22, 2023 | 14:20
Post-Cheonan dilemma: how to deal with China
PARIS — China’s playing the staunch guardian role for North Korea in response to the Cheonan incident greatly antagonized South Koreans. Some of them saw it as a defining moment, revealing the true nature of the giant neighbor that failed to measure up to be a responsible global stakeholder.
China’s position dictated by interests, not evidence
BEIJING — There was no way for South Korea to persuade China to accept the results of an international inquiry on the Cheonan because China’s stance was predetermined by its own interests that made it unable, under any circumstances, to finger North Korea as the perpetrator of the tragic attack in March, said a prominent U.S. expert on China-North Korea relations.
China has different view on Cheonan
BEIJING _ Most Chinese government bureaucrats and scholars regard the findings by an international team of investigators on the Cheonan incident as not sufficiently standing up to scrutiny, a prominent security expert here said recently. He added that Beijing is
Korea’s future lies with China — economically
BEIJING ― South Korea's security future lies with the United States, but its economic future lies with China, therefore, it should forge an effective "two-track strategy" to balance between the two powers. However, that would be a delicate task, said an internationally noted expert on the relationship between politics and economics.
Is US willing to go along with S. Korea on Cheonan?
BEIJING ― South Korea is doing the right thing by bringing the Cheonan incident to the U.N. Security Council, but it should be realistic about how much it can expect from the world body to assign any punitive measures against Pyongyang, said a noted U.S. security expert on East Asia.
Cheonan tragedy: is there an exit strategy?
BEIJING ― It's time for Seoul to consider an exit strategy for the Cheonan incident, however, finding one that is reliable and executable may be easier said than done.
Two Koreas unlikely to head into armed clash
BEIJING ― Although tensions are spiking on the Korean Peninsula since an international inquiry last week officially held the North responsible for the fatal attack on the South Korean Navy frigate Cheonan, and some observers warn of a possible major arms confrontation in the region, a veteran Korea watcher begs to differ.
US expert on NK raises possible US-China collusion
BEIJING ― South Korea should depart from its signature ``quiet diplomacy'' if it wants to take the Cheonan issue to the U.N. Security Council because neither the U.S. nor China will push the case hard enough, said an American expert Thursday.
Chinese scholars evaluate Kim Jong-il’s trip
BEIJING ― The widely watched saga of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il's veiled visit to China fell short of delivering any breakthrough on the nuclear disarmament front and the summit between Chinese President Hu Jintao and the North's Kim Jong-il was nothing like a "honeymoon" as some South Korean media outlets described it, according to Chinese experts on Korea affairs.
NK reiterates its claim for nuclear fusion success
BEIJING ― North Korea Saturday once again claimed nuclear fusion success, in an apparent bid to highlight the unlikely scientific achievement amid widespread global skepticism.
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