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Sun, December 3, 2023 | 06:45
Cheonan incident makes Seoul ponder role between US, China
BEIJING — The usual discourse in South Korea on the Cheonan incident is to blame North Korea and also China. But from a former diplomat’s view, the incident also provided an opportunity for Seoul to do some soul-searching on its delicate diplomatic role between Washington and Beijing.
Seoul, Beijing should heal strained ties over NK
BEIJING ― China’s reluctance to condemn North Korea over the latter’s attacks last year brought about what Beijing feared: a bigger U.S. military presence in the region. Seoul also could have done a better job of recruiting Beijing’s help by inviting it early on to be part of an international investigation team to probe the Cheonan case. These are the lessons for both Seoul a...
Chinese Web rumors ridicule rescue effort
BEIJING — Fabricated news maligning Korea’s rescue effort in the earthquake-ravaged Japan is spreading widely across Chinese cyber space.
North Korea manipulates China very effectively
BEIJING ― China was clearly annoyed by North Korea’s two provocative acts last year, but it couldn’t afford to join the international condemnation because Pyongyang is shrewd in manipulating Beijing and its fears of regional instability said Nicole Finnemann, director of research and academic affairs at the Korea Economic Institute.
Gov. Kims letter raises eyebrows in China
BEIJING — A ranking South Korean politician’s letter to Korean students studying at an elite Chinese university has raised eyebrows among them who feel they are being wooed ahead of major elections.
China bristles at Korean media reports on Shanghai scandal
BEIJING _ While a sex scandal involving a Chinese woman, who had affairs with multiple South Korean diplomats
Possible nuke redeployment in South Korea generates firestorm in China
BEIJING — The already controversial idea that the United States should consider redeploying tactical nuclear weapons to South Korea, amid growing concerns about North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats, is also generating a firestorm of repercussions from China, which fears a nuclear race in East Asia.
Decoding guanxi in China’s approach to NK
BEIJING — On April 1985, China’s paramount leader Deng Xiaoping (1904-1997) explained to his foreign policy aides why it would be a good idea to establish diplomatic ties with South Korea, then a Cold War enemy.
Amid Mideast unrest, is China next?
BEIJING — First, Tunisia. Second, Egypt. Now, Libya — a work in progress. The revolution is unfolding. And people are whispering: Is China next? CNN makes one think so. But Chinese analysts say nay.
China’s strategy driven by desire to check US
BEIJING — China’s interests in the Korean Peninsula are primarily driven by competition with the United States, a veteran Chinese analyst on Korea said recently.
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