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Sat, December 9, 2023 | 04:27
Carter wants to meet with NK leader, heir
BEIJING ― Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and three other ex-premiers said they were invited to North Korea by its leaders and wanted to meet with both Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un, the heir currently being groomed to be the next head of the nation.
Western golden rule doesn’t work in China market
BEIJING — “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is the Christian “golden rule,” as shown in the Bible. The “Western” rule may not always work in China. And Park Keun-tae, president and CEO of CJ Group’s China unit, learned it the hard way.
Hu stresses good neighborly relations
HAINAN, China ― The head of the world’s most populous and increasingly powerful nation on Friday publicly stressed the importance of maintaining a good neighborly relationship.
Will Seoul engage Pyongyang?
BEIJING — The arrival of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Seoul, Saturday, is likely to be a key moment for South Korea to decide whether it should engage with North Korea by accepting China’s new proposal to resume the stalled six-party talks.
NK nuke development is not about US
BEIJING — North Korea’s nuclear development has very little to do with the United States, argues Jonathan Pollack, a senior fellow with the Brookings Institution.
Seoul faces strategic dilemma between US, China
BEIJING ― The tension between Beijing and Washington in the wake of the Cheonan incident, and the difficulty Seoul had in bringing the former on to its side to condemn Pyongyang, all occurred amid a seismic shift in the bigger geopolitical landscape in East Asia — “China’s rise.” And this is increasingly likely to pose a strategic dilemma for South Korea, squeezed betwe...
Seoul needs fine-tuning toward China, NK
BEIJING — Seoul is right in demanding Pyongyang apologize for the sinking of the Cheonan and expecting a more forthcoming Chinese attitude and cooperation on North Korea, but its strategy also needs to appreciate Beijing almost obsession to maintain stability in the North, said a former European diplomat who was deeply involved in North Korean affairs.
Tokyo wants Korean unification least
BEIJING — The strategically located Korean Peninsula is where regional big powers compete for leadership, if not hegemony. And while Koreans want unification, this will be also influenced by the dynamics of complex and intertwined interests of different outside stakeholders based on their own national interests. A Chinese scholar argues that it is Japan, among the count...
Cheonan may continue to test Seoul-Beijing ties
BEIJING ― As long as North Korea keeps playing innocent about the tragic Cheonan incident, Moon Chung-in at Yonsei University is not optimistic about the prospect of Seoul-Beijing ties either.
China still ‘no position’ on Cheonan
BEIJING _ One year ago, on March 26, South Korean frigate Cheonan was attacked and sank in the West Sea, killing 46 sailors. While it was obvious to many people that it was North Korea that torpedoed the Cheonan, for some, the question of ‘who sank the
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