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Tue, December 12, 2023 | 05:03
Scholar urges Lee to continue ’bad cop’ role with NK
BEIJING — The Lee Myung-bak administration should refrain from launching any major new initiative on North Korea as the President’s term nears its end. Lee’s tough policy on Pyongyang has its own merits and he is advised to exit his presidency keeping policy continuity and allow the next occupant of the presidential office to make a switch, if any, said a well-known Kor...
Can N. Korea commit to Russian gas project?
BEIJING — With President Lee Myung-bak sounding remarkably optimistic about the proposed trilateral gas project from Russia through North Korea to South Korea, optimism prevails with regard to the unprecedented trilateral project that links Russia to the Korean Peninsula.
S. Korea’s ’funny media’ and North Korean politics
BEIJING — “The South Korean media is funny. Since when was Yu Woo-ik a dove?” said a person who knows Yu personally.
Robust dialogue key to ties with Beijing
BEIJING — In some pockets of South Korea, China conjures up an emotional reaction since the tragic Cheonan and Yeonpyeong attacks last year. For them, Beijing failed to act as a responsible stakeholder in upholding justice when it took sides with its former Cold War ally, Pyongyang. They also tend to see the rise of China as that of a domineering neighbor, who has veste...
German unification and Seoul’s short-lived ’Sunshine Policy’
VIENNA — The German unification experience clearly shows that a policy of economic engagement and reconciliation is the right mojo to bring North Korea down. Yet South Korea’s two previous administrations didn’t do a good job of effectively marketing the idea to the domestic voters, a fatal mistake that led to a “premature” termination of their flagship Sunshine Policy,...
Why are NK doomsday scenarios hard to kill?
BEIJING — Analysts overall agree that North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is physically fitter, the succession process is relatively stable, and the country is unlikely to face any imminent tumble. That’s quite a different diagnosis from a few months ago.
The Zen of conducting business in China
BEIJING ― Making an appointment with Shin Young-min, the director of the new market development team at Samsung Electronics China Headquarters, was not easy. Often, he is not in his office. And if that is the case, he is likely out of town for days.
Can Korea hedge between US and China?
BEIJING ― Koreans have long felt that they have been victims of foreign aggression for centuries. “A small shrimp breaks his back in a whale fight” is an old Korean saying that captures the essence of Koreans’ sense of victimization by powerful neighbors.
In China, thou shalt speak the people’s language
BEIJING — A Korean businessman in Beijing once boasted of his epic story of “scaring off” a police officer by speaking poor Chinese, when he was caught while speeding through a red light on his motor bike. Eventually, the police officer let him go, due to the language barrier, after a few futile attempts to talk it through with the foreign traffic-rule violator.
Hyundai Motor enters first tier in China
BEIJING ― China has become the battlefield for global auto competition. Each company’s CEO is a warrior whose mission is to beat their enemies and competitors and survive. Some of them do better. They thrive. Noh Jae-man, president of Beijing Hyundai Motor Co., is one of them.
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