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Sat, December 9, 2023 | 00:30
NK kept China in the dark on death of leader
BEIJING — North Korea didn’t even keep its closest ally in the loop about its most important development in over a decade: the death of Kim Jong-il, shedding light on one of the most intensely speculated elements surrounding the leader’s demise.
North Korea: ’Before the storm’
WASHINGTON — Kim Jong-un’s North Korea is muddling along. So far so good. The instinct for survival shared by the Kim family and the dynastic element of the key leadership is keeping things in check. But the devil is in the details, according to Jack Pritchard, a well-known expert on North Korea and a former key U.S. negotiator who often flew to Pyongyang.
What President Lee shouldn’t do
STANFORD, Calif. — There are two things President Lee Myung-bak, whose term will end in about a year, shouldn’t do. On North Korea, he shouldn’t initiate a major new policy. On foreign policy, he should not pit Seoul’s alliance with Washington against its emerging relationship with Beijing; they are not a zero-sum game. That’s the counsel of Shin Gi-wook, the director o...
Can Lee mend fences with China?
BEIJING — After being sworn in four years ago, President Lee Myung-bak’s foreign policy has largely had two pillars. One was hard-line policy toward North Korea; the other was a pro-U.S. one. Lee has succeeded in both.
Art of miscommunication between Seoul and Beijing
BEIJING — It’s the job of diplomats to be “diplomatic,” especially when cameras are rolling and reporters are present. South Korea and China recently wrapped up a high-level strategic dialogue and it was a classic “diplomatic” moment.
Kim Jong-un’s challenge: economic or political?
BEIJING — With the death of his father, prince Kim Jong-un now has to prematurely play the role of king.
’Chances of North Korea’s instability are quite high’
BEIJING — A well-known Chinese scholar believes that the chances of instability in North Korea in the post-Kim Jong-il are high and has urged relevant countries to engage in immediate consultations to be prepared for any possible contingencies, including the security of its nuclear stockpile.
Between friend and ally
BEIJING — Sometimes China and North Korea appear too close to each other; and that could mean trouble for China.
Why Obama continues to back Lee’s NK policy
BEIJING — Just like any two close friends, South Korea and the United States have had their share of differences, including over North Korea. Actually North Korea has been a major source of splits in their friendship, despite the fact that this is a key area where the two are supposed to work even more closely.
Should Korea, China tackle sensitive Goguryeo issue?
BEIJING — Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang is making back-to-back visits to both Pyongyang and Seoul this week. The unprecedented outreach should be welcomed particularly at this time when the two estranged Koreas display a communication vacuum as China’s “shuttle diplomacy” may help fill the void.
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