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Sun, February 25, 2024 | 14:01
'My ultimate goal is to make people laugh'
Twelve-year-old Jung Ja-young, the winner of the top prize at the sixth Korea Multicultural Youth Awards, is among 10 biracial children at her school consisting of 24 students in Geochang County, South Gyeongsang Province. Most people in Korea may think of Jung as having many disadvantages as a biracial child growing up in a rural area. While this may certainly be the case, J...
Seoul's population shrinking in size, growing old
Seoul's population is not only shrinking in size, but also growing older, according to the Seoul Metropolitan Government. In the 2017 Seoul Statistical Yearbook released Dec. 6, its population in 2016 was tallied at 10.2 million, down 903,000 from the previous year. The average age was estimated at 41.1, up from 40.6 in 2005.
Reformed electricity rates only increase power consumption
As December is here and the temperature has already dropped, high electricity bills are distressing people. There were several blackouts last winter when people relied heavily on heaters. This winter seems not to be any better than the last. Electric heaters, electric stoves and electric mats are necessary winter items we use when the temperature drops to below zero.
IEEA to help students apply to U.S. universities
The International Education Exchange Association (IEEA) Global Campus will hold orientations for students wishing to apply to universities in the United States. The education institution specializes in helping students apply and prepare for its partner state universities across the U.S. Through its study abroad program, students may apply for admission to these universities w...
Governor Shumlin visits Korea International School
With the end of Seoul Model United Nations (SEOMUN) a few weeks ago, Korea International School (KIS) had the opportunity to talk with the 81st governor of Vermont, Peter Shumlin. Inspiring students to continue pursuing such daring acts as discussing and solving today’s issues, Governor Shumlin came to KIS to share his perspective on politics and empower the young.
[INTERVIEW] SJA Jeju to promote student-led education
The St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju (SJA Jeju), the newest international school on Jeju Island, was built on the idea that students should take the lead in their education. The school, instead, should merely serve to create an environment in which students can question, explore, and collaborate in their learning. Its head Peter M. Toscano believes this is already happening at the ...
Selective child allowance stirs row among dual-income earners
The government on Thursday announced it will continue to provide tax benefits to households with children in the top ten percent income bracket, a group that was excluded from the new child benefit plan under the 2018 budget bill. The announcement came in response to rising complaints about the plan, under which a monthly allowance of 100,000 won ($91.60) will be given for every child under the age of six with the exception of households in the top 10 percent income bracket. The exception was made as part of a compromise struck by opposing political parties that had been arguing over key con...
[INTERVIEW] KDI School seeks to become Asia's top
Twenty years have passed since the KDI School of Public Policy and Management was established to meet the rapidly changing needs of the global economy. As the world has changed, so has the school - no longer does it aim to foster leaders in Korea alone, but also in developing countries that may gain from the Korean experience. With 20 years already behind it, the school is no...
Swedish art exhibition
 Swedish Ambassador to Korea Anne Hoglund, sculptor Karin Wiberg, and the East Asia Cultural Project chairman Kim Sang-woo pose next to a sculpture at an art exhibition held at the residence of the ambassador in Seongbuk-dong, northern Seoul, Tuesday. / Courtesy of Kim Sang-woo
SK E&C faces bribery charge involving U.S. military garrison
Prosecutors searched the headquarters of SK Engineering and Construction (SK E&C) in Jongno-gu, central Seoul, Friday, about bribery allegations concerning the construction of the U.S. Army post Camp Humphreys located in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province. Dozens of prosecutors and investigators seized related documents, hard drives and other materials related to the project. The prosecution suspects the company handed 3.2 billion won ($2.94 million) in bribes to Duane Nishiie, a U.S. Corps of Engineers contracting officer at the time, to win the contract for the construction project valued at 47...
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