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Sun, December 3, 2023 | 12:53
Law revision to recognize foreigners' rights as spouses
Foreign spouses will now have their names properly recognized in the resident register, according to the Ministry of the Interior and Safety. This follows a legal revision proclaimed Tuesday mandating the name of a foreign spouse married to a Korean partner be included in the resident register in the same way a Korean spouse is included. A resident register is a government ce...
Korean Air chief questioned over alleged embezzlement
The head of Korea’s major airline company was questioned by police Tuesday, over allegations that he used company money to renovate his private residence. Korean Air and Hanjin Group Chairman Cho Yang-ho, is accused of using 3 billion won ($2.65 million) of company funds for the remodeling of his house in Pyeongchang-dong, central Seoul, between May 2013 and August 2014. The money was taken from funds allocated for the construction of the airline’s hotel around the same time at Incheon International Airport.
Pottery patterns reveal human innovation and changes over time
Pottery patterns found at Amsa-dong, a prehistoric settlement site located in eastern Seoul, reveal the breadth of human innovation and appreciation of beauty. The comb-pattern pottery relics date back to the Neolithic era, signifying humankind’s desire to make aesthetic pottery since early times and how it has evolved over time. “Beauty reveals itself through culture in day-...
Documents suggest spy agency's media control
Prosecutors are examining evidence suggesting the National Intelligence Service (NIS) had systematic influence over the media industry under the Lee Myung-bak administration. An internal inquiry by the spy agency found a host of documents including a blacklist of producers and executives who held critical views of the government then, according to local news agency Yonhap, Sunday. This follows a similar list of celebrities it disclosed last Monday, allegedly used to cut them off from state subsidized programs. The latest revelation suggests the state agency’s interference had been prevalent ...
Adoptees struggling to find birth families
For many adoptees, finding their birth families is a way to mend their past and move forward. In Korea, the process is especially long and costly, lonely and upsetting - and, more often than not, unfruitful. What further troubles many of them is the feeling that Korea, the country they were born into, had sold them off. This may not be just a feeling. In a 1975 letter issued ...
Gov't promises to build more special needs schools
Education Minister Kim Sang-kon vowed to build 18 new special needs schools in the country over the next five years, Tuesday. The plan is a major breakthrough for disabled children and their parents, who have long requested more of these schools as regular schools have failed to meet their needs. The move appears to have gained momentum after a video clip went viral last week...
Gov't prepares for possible massive shutdown of private kindergartens
Tension is rising as government bodies vowed to take tough countermeasures against private kindergartens that participate in what may become a massive walkout in the coming weeks. Education officials called such a temporary shutdown, which members of the Korea Kindergarten Association announced Friday, illegal. The shutdown is to oppose government education policies including a plan to expand public kindergartens. The members said they will temporarily close down the institutions nationwide for six days, first on Monday and again from Sept. 25 to 29 depending on how the government responds. ...
Korean envoy to Ethiopia accused of harassing staff
Prosecutors are investigating allegations that Korea’s ambassador to Ethiopia sexually harassed several embassy employees and volunteers. The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office is reviewing a complaint filed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs against Ambassador Kim Moon-hwan, according to prosecutors and ministry officials. Kim is suspected of touching a female embassy employee while taking her home. He previously denied the allegations and said he had once “tapped her on the shoulder” which she “may have taken the wrong way.”
South Asian residents to speak on needs
Seoul city will hold a town hall meeting to discuss the needs of foreign residents from South Asian countries, Saturday. The meeting, to be held at the Seoul Global Center, will likely attract around 100 Seoul residents. Foreigners from South Asia may apply to participate by calling 02-2075-4117 or emailing by Thursday. Since 2000 the city government has held town halls two to three times a year to reflect in their policies the needs of Seoul’s growing foreign population. According to the city government, 400,000 foreigners reside in the city, up from 260,000 in 2008.
20 best places to visit in Seoul this fall
Seoul city government has unveiled a map, “Good-Looking Seoul,” featuring 20 of the most attractive venues to have opened in the city this year. Eight of these locations have historical or cultural themes, eight have scientific or economic significance, and four are related to urban architecture. Each of these locations will offer various events, festivals and facilities thro...
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