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Sat, December 9, 2023 | 19:41
Govt's inept response to red fire ants raises need for collaborative action plan
The Ministry of Environment acknowledged Wednesday that a joint government response manual was lacking when venomous red fire ants were discovered in the southern port of Busan Sept. 28, the first of the species to be found in Korea. Although the government has tentatively concluded that the fire ants have died, serious concerns are rising over the government’s capability to cope with the possible influx of harmful organisms in the future. “A system for relevant government bodies to respond to red fire ants was nonexistent,” a ministry official said. “Red fire ants had never been discovered ...
Crimes by students, teachers rise
The number of reports of students sexually harassing teachers was 445 over the last five years. Year by year the number has been rising steadily, according to Ministry of Education data obtained by Rep. Kwak Sang-do of the Liberty Korea Party (LKP). In 2013, there were 62 cases in which teachers reported having been sexually harassed by students. The number continued to rise, from 80 in 2014, 107 in 2015 and 112 in 2016.
Korean-Nigerian model becomes honorary ambassador for multiculturalism
The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family named Korean-Nigerian model Han Hyun-min, 16, as the honorary ambassador to promote awareness of multiculturalism in Korea, Thursday. Having risen to stardom at a young age, Han hopes to remove the prejudices against biracial youths and professionals that still very much exist. “I really wanted to do something about this problem for ...
Korea Multicultural Youth Awards judge wins presidential recognition
Cha Yun-kyung, 62, one of the judges for the Korea Multicultural Youth Awards organized by The Korea Times, has received the presidential commendation for his contributions in multiculturalism, Thursday. Cha, a professor at Hanyang University Education Department, received the recognition at a nationwide event hosted by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family. “I saw the n...
Migrant workers can't stay over 10 years
The government will cut the maximum legal employment period for workers from overseas hired under the Employment Permit System (EPS) to 10 years from the current 14 years and six months. The Ministry of Employment and Labor said Thursday it will seek to revise related decrees in order to reduce the maximum stay of migrant workers on E9 non-professional employment visas. Its decision comes amid growing conflict between Koreans and migrant workers, leading the former to demand stronger protection of their jobs and wages.
Most sex crimes occur at transfer stations
Among the many subway stations in Seoul, sex crimes are most likely to occur at transfer stations. Of the 293 subway stations, the five stations with the highest number of reported sex assaults were all transfer stations, according to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. They were most rampant at the Seoul Express Bus Terminal, with 118 cases this year, up from 103 last year.
Korean speaking contest to be held
Education institution 247MyTutor is now accepting applications for its Korean speaking contest slated for Oct. 14. The institution provides language exchange and tutoring services in five languages. It will host its first Korean speaking contest in collaboration with the Korean Language Society, Kwangwoon University, and EBY Talking Club. The event will take place at the Gang...
Seoul to boost support for Indonesian schools
Seoul is boosting its efforts to help improve public health programs at elementary schools in Indonesia. As part of this initiative, officials from the Seoul School Health Promotion Center and the Aceh Besar region in Indonesia will meet Thursday to discuss ways to improve programs for schools in Indonesia. “Over the past five years we have worked with officials from countries such as Indonesia and Myanmar known to have vulnerable public health systems,” Yoon Seon-ja, the program researcher at Seoul, said Wednesday.
Multicultural students need better mentoring
There are many explanations why students struggle in school. There are less of these for “multicultural youths,” the term used to describe children born to one parent who is not Korean. But it is widely understood that multicultural youths face many hurdles. And this is a challenge to be tackled seriously as they are making up a greater portion of the student population here....
Anti-THAAD protester dies day after setting himself on fire
An activist died Wednesday, a day after he set himself ablaze to protest the deployment of a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system. Jo Young-sam, 58, was transferred to Hallym University Medical Center in Yeongdeungpo-dong, southwestern Seoul after people found him and put out the fire. He died while receiving treatment at the hospital Wednesday morning. He reportedly suffered from third-degree burns.
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