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Fri, September 17, 2021 | 06:38
Regulator investigating accountants' stock ownership
The financial regulator is investigating accountants’ stock ownership, seeking to crack down on alleged illegal trades using insider information, an association of certified accountants said Monday.
Economist suggests Korea adopt 'time banks'
A World Bank (WB) economist said that Korea needs to adopt an innovative way to credit voluntary work called “time banks” to boost the number of volunteers here helping senior citizens deal with their poverty and loneliness.
Hanjin founder pioneers business with artist's mind
Hanjin Group founder Cho Choong-hoon had a unique business philosophy. The late entrepreneur said business is an art that can grow in new ways with a creative mind.
Founder's compassion won people's hearts
Hanjin Group founder Cho Choong-hoon was a man of compassion who treated his employees as his own children, according to the biography “Business as an Art” written by journalist Lee Im-gwang.
Hanjin founder pioneers biz with challenging spirit
Hanjin Group founder Cho Choong-hoon pioneered new businesses - from an airline to shipbuilding and construction - with his unique spirit of challenge, according to a biography titled “Business as an Art.”
Hanjin founder invests in education
Hanjin Group founder Cho Choong-hoon invested in education, believing that nothing is more important than raising good talent, according to a biography written by journalist Lee Im-gwang.
Hanjin founder plays role of citizen diplomat
Hanjin Group founder Cho Choong-hoon played the role of citizen diplomat for Korea using his international networks, according to a biography written by journalist Lee Im-gwang.
Samsung Engineering to file complaint against Saudi Arabian company
Samsung Engineering said Tuesday that it will file an international arbitration complaint against a Saudi Arabian mining company over 140 billion won in punitive compensation imposed on it in building an aluminum rolling mill in the Middle East country.
Goldman Sachs invests W38 billion in real estate app operator
Goldman Sachs said Tuesday that a consortium of investors led by the U.S. investment bank will invest 38 billion won ($33 million) in local real estate app operator Zigbang, seeking to expand its presence in the fast-growing e-commerce business.
Rules on mortgages toughened
The financial regulator said Monday that it will toughen rules on mortgages by ordering banks to examine borrowers’ income more thoroughly.