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Fri, October 29, 2021 | 02:45
State Bank of India opens branch here
The State Bank of India (SBI) said Wednesday that it had opened a branch in Korea, seeking business opportunities amid increasing trade volume between the two countries.
Won falls slightly amid volatile Chinese financial market
The won fell slightly Tuesday hit by increasing volatility in China’s financial market and a continuing selloff by foreign investors in Korea’s stock markets, according to analysts.
Won plunges, shares tumble on volatile Chinese market
The won hit its lowest level against the U.S. dollar in five and a half years on Monday as investors kept moving to safer assets out of fear of the volatile Chinese market, analysts said.
Samsung Engineering wins W510 bil. bio plant order
Samsung Engineering said Monday that it has won a 510 billion won order to build a bio plant, expanding the construction company’s presence in the rapidly growing bio plant construction market.
Domestic consumption stocks to give high returns
Seoul stocks focusing on domestic consumption and those benefiting from low commodity prices will lead the market this year, according to a strategist.
Elliott faces sanctions for breach of disclosure rule
The financial regulator has internally concluded that Elliott Associates, a U.S. hedge fund, violated the disclosure rule last year by failing to publicly declare that it possesses a stake in Samsung C&T exceeding 5 percent, officials said Sunday. Under the stock ownership rule, an investor is obliged to issue a public disclosure within five days of acquiring a stake of 5 per...
China woes spark panic in markets
The devaluation of the Chinese yuan is increasing volatility in Korea’s financial markets, forcing the local currency to lose further value and causing Seoul’s stock markets to tumble, analysts said Thursday. The won closed at 1,200.60 won against the U.S. dollar, losing 2.7. This was the first time in four months that the exchange rate has surpassed the 1,200 won line.
Korea, China discuss ways to lower e-commerce trade barriers
Korea hosted an international forum on e-commerce in East Asia at the COEX Convention and Exhibition Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on Wednesday, where ways to lower barriers to e-commerce trade and create a single market for the region were discussed.
Seoul shares rebound on eased China worries
Seoul shares rebounded slightly Tuesday as the Chinese stock market stabilized following Monday’s sharp selloff, according to analysts.
Hanmi chief to distribute shares worth W110 bil. to employees
Hanmi Science said Tuesday that Chairman Lim Sung-ki will distribute part of his company shares worth 110 billion won ($92.7 million) to the group's 2,800 employees, in appreciation of their contributions in making big licensing deals last year.
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