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Fri, September 22, 2023 | 06:50
Female judge nominated as Constitutional Court justice
Lee Jeong-mi, 48, a senior judge at the Daejeon High Court, has been nominated as a Constitutional Court justice, replacing outgoing Justice Lee Kong-hyun, Monday.
Seoul records coldest January in 5 decades
The grueling cold has been the talk of the town and it turns out this isn’t just a feeling people get whenever winter comes. In fact, the weather during January was the coldest in nearly five decades, according to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA), Monday.
State-run English test to be held on Saturday
A pilot test for the National English Ability Test, or NEAT, a state-administered English proficiency test, will be held in Seoul and 17 cities across the nation Saturday, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology said Friday.
Fans support JYJ through bus ads
It takes more than gifts and fan letters to express your support and affection to stars these days. The fans of pop group JYJ have arranged special bus advertisements this time, following fans who bought newspaper ads or donated money to needy organizations under their favorite celebrity’s name.
Korea University sued over professors suicide
The family of a professor who committed suicide after being accused of sexual harassment has filed a suit against Korea University for refusing to release detailed information on the incident.
1 out of 4 women experience harassment during commute
A survey showed that one out of four women who commute using public transportation have experienced sexual harassment, Wednesday.
Divorce magazine makes debut
Going through a divorce is never easy, but in Korea, it’s harder to find information and support from experts, friends and even family. That’s why Lee Jong-min, head of publishing company Freedom House, has decided to publish the magazine “Divorce Story” to provide information and advice.
SKKUs JD-MBA program aims to integrate two worlds
One of the most interesting things when working at the popular restaurant chain Chili’s Grill & Bar as a high school graduate was tackling a single problem with various people, according to Nathan Wenk, now a graduate student at Sungkyunkwan University from Vermont, United States.
American teachers organ donation saves three lives
The family of a female American teacher, who collapsed during a class at her school in Uijeongbu last week, has donated some of her organs to save three Koreans.
Expenditure on English education shows wide gap
Korean parents spend 195,000 won ($170) on average per month on private English education for each of their children, according to a survey by an English institute Tuesday.
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