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Sun, December 3, 2023 | 07:05
Happiness is within yourself
Happiness is something everyone yearns for throughout their lifetime. People search near and far, high and low for contentment, but nobody seems to know what it takes to achieve the ultimate state of true happiness.
Graduation turns too stiff
Graduation is in full swing and not just in a festive, teary mood of transition, but with a rather restrictive and intense twist.
Singles sing Valentines Day blues
While loving couples await special anniversary days such as Valentine’s Day and White Day with much anticipation, most single men and women dread them while feeling blue, a survey showed.
Govt launching project to globalize teachers
The government said Tuesday it will spend 100 billion won ($90 million) to finance a project that will send about 10,000 teachers overseas for training during the next five years.
S.Koreans root for NK over US in sports game
In an imaginary sports game Koreans would choose to cheer for North Korea over the United States, according to a research by Seoul National University (SNU) Tuesday.
Will Chonnam University give degree to Chung Mong-joon?
Chonnam National University’s move to award an honorary doctorate degree to Chung Mong-joon is drawing protests from its students.
146 students committed suicide last year
A total of 146 students committed suicide last year, marking the eighth consecutive year that the number is over 100.
Low birthrate makes way into schools
Korea’s birthrate _ one of the lowest in the world _ is having an impact on the number of students entering primary and secondary schools, leaving the student to teacher ratio about 60 percent lower than three decades ago.
Free lunch to be given to 1st to 4th graders
Seoul Metropolitan Education Office (SMEO) said Tuesday it will proceed with its plan to provide free lunches to first to fourth graders at public elementary schools in the capital from March.
Korea Univ. president gets Pushkin Medal
Lee Ki-su, president of Korea University, has received the Medal of Pushkin from the Russian government for his contribution to tightening Korea-Russian ties, Monday.
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