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Sun, December 3, 2023 | 07:12
Schools flunk foreign student management
The government said Sunday it will strengthen supervision of universities in their catering to the needs of foreign students.
Hongik University workers reach tentative agreement
Cleaners, guards and other non-permanent workers at Hongik University reached a tentative agreement with their employers, ending the 49-day labor dispute that started with a sit-in protest at the school campus in Seoul.
Number of cram schools continues upward spiral
The number of private cram schools or “hagwon” rose to 75,952 last year, from 72,242 the previous year, the Korean Educational Development Institute said Sunday.
Migrant union leader balks at departure order
The Immigration Office ordering the departure of Filipina Michel Catuira, president of the Migrant Trade Union, is sparking protests from fellow migrant workers and other rights groups.
More boars appear in cities
The number of reported appearances of wild boars in cities has recorded a three-fold increase in the past five years, a lawmaker said Friday.
School teachers getting older
The average age of teachers in elementary and secondary schools has been increasing, a think tank reported Friday.
SNU professor denies attacking students
Kim In-hye, a popular soprano and a professor at Seoul National University, has denied allegations that she habitually used violence while teaching over the past 10 years.
Collegian commits suicide on expulsion notice
A female student who had enrolled in a university under scholarships committed suicide after receiving a notice of expulsion due to poor grades, according to police, Tuesday.
Private education costs fall for 1st time in decade
The nation saw households’ total spending on private education fall for the first time in a decade in 2010, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology said Tuesday.
Gov’t considers expansion of five-day school week
The government is considering expanding the five-day school week to all primary and secondary schools across the nation, beginning next year, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology said Monday.
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