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Sun, December 3, 2023 | 07:16
Too urgent to go to bathroom?
Multiple websites were on fire Thursday over a note accusing a civil servant of having committed a very inappropriate deed in the bathhouse in the gym at the Government Complex in Gwacheon.
Illegal English kindergartens booming
English kindergartens have been thriving on Korean parents’ belief that education in the “foreign” language should start from an early age.
KCUE Chairman Kim takes office
Kim Young-gil, chairman of the Korean Council for University Education (KCUE), pledged to put greater focus on strengthening the quality of education, shifting away from the current trend of emphasizing research.
Smart tips on studying in England
Studying abroad can be a challenge. Not only does it mean a change in school, but also a drastic change in culture, everyday living and perspective. Korea, being a country where many of its students pack their bags to study abroad, offers a lot of information regarding the transition, but it cannot quite be compared to listening to someone who has actually experienced the who...
Budget cut affects foreign teachers
The education authorities have set in motion a long-term plan to cut back on the number of foreign English teachers, trimming several hundreds of jobs at primary and secondary schools in Gyeonggi Province from this spring semester.
Universities criticized for lavish events to welcome freshmen
Some local universities are starting off on the wrong foot even before the start of the new semester, by holding lavish events.
Singer Kim Jang-hoon performs on Dokdo
Singer Kim Jang-hoon held a live concert in front of several hundreds of spectators on the tiny, rocky easternmost Dokdo Island, Tuesday, the first of its kind.
Doctor arrested on murder charges
A fierce legal battle is expected in court over the death of the pregnant wife of a doctor, after he was arrested Thursday on suspicion of strangling his wife during a scuffle.
[KoreaToday] Lessons from a traditional seodang and its headmaster
A lesson from a man dressed in white hanbok, Korean traditional costume, donning a black horsehair skullcap on his head and mustache will likely have students today dozing off, but sometimes good medicine is bitter to the mouth.
Parents in info war for children
On a chilly Sunday, 44-year-old Lim was waiting to apply for the Test of English Proficiency developed by Seoul National University (TEPS) on behalf of her son at a high school in Yangjae-dong, southern Seoul _ for four hours in the empty, concrete hall. Since her son missed the application date for the month’s test, she came to apply on behalf of him for the next one while h...
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