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Tue, May 30, 2023 | 13:26
Ven. Jibeom to Hold Exhibit on Buddhist Pilgrimage Sites
Ven. Jibeom, better known as ``the singing monk,'' is holding a photo exhibition to share the Buddhist faith and also to make the religion more accessible to the public.
Enjoy a Spring Day at EBS Character Festival
The Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and it is planning to hold exciting events and programs for its viewers.
Documentary to Feature Life, Death of Mammoths
Korean mammoths are coming alive next week. The Education Broadcasting Company (EBS) is bringing the extinct mammals to the television screen for the first time through ``The Mammoth, Titan of The Ice Age,'' using highly developed computer graphic skills.
SkyLife Offers Sundance
Local television channels have a lot to offer, but how about tuning into a less mainstream one for a change?
Big Bang to Sing Theme Song for IRIS
The popular Korean drama ``IRIS'' will start airing in Japan every Wednesday from April 21 and the Japanese broadcaster TBS has requested the boy band Big Bang to sing a special theme song in Japanese for the drama's airing. The five-member group has created a ballad with Japanese lyrics just for the occasion.
Rain Impresses Japanese Fans in Tokyo
Korean pop singer Rain wowed Japanese fans last weekend with two encore shows titled ``Legend of Rainism.''
Project Runway Korea Goes to Freelancer Jong
The winner of the second season of ``Project Runway Korea'' has finally been announced.
Fun Ballet Works for Family, Kids on Offer
Local ballet companies are offering interesting performances this spring, perfect to enjoy with loved ones during May, which is also known as family month.
Welcome Spring in Colorful Flats
It's time to get rid of your heavy boots and pull out those light, colorful and trendy flats to welcome spring.
Korean-American Actor Ricky Kim Follows His Heart
With his tall figure, handsome looks and easy smile, it seems Ricky Kim has what it takes to become a star. In person, however, he's down-to-earth, funny and, most of all, very serious about his career, lifelong goals and Korea.
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