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Mon, March 27, 2023 | 22:36
Search for exquisite wine at the Jell
Wine has been popular for a while now and it's not that hard to get a good bottle of wine anymore. But for those who still want something extra, pay a visit to the Jell, an exclusive wine bar and shop, located in Itaewon.
Pianist is back with love, seasons
Pianist George Winston is known for his poetic and melodic scores around the world, but the 61-year-old pianist is far from considering himself a ``master.''
Singer Park graduates magna cum laude in US
Korean singer Lena Park, also known as Park Jeong-hyeon here, has finally finished her studies and graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University.
YouTube star keeps it real with his music
Becoming famous online is not news anymore. Many attract fans by singing, dancing or even talking online, but few get to find their ...
New drama to bring more than coffee
A new drama on SBS titled ``Coffee House'' begins airing this week and it has already made headlines thanks to its star-studded cast and producer Pyo Min-su.
Celebrate Buddha’s birthday with lotus lanterns
There is a Buddhist saying that goes: ``Please attain ...
Wonder Girls, JYPE deny mistreatment
Girl group Wonder Girls and the group's agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE) denied the accusations of mistreatment claimed by Daniel Gauss, their English tutor, saying that they were not true..
Turtle Marathon to be held Sunday
Enjoy the fresh breeze and sun at the 394th Turtle Marathon this Sunday. Those who want to take a refreshing morning walk through Namsan can participate in the monthly race.
`Wonder Girls mistreated by JYPE
The Wonder Girls may have tasted success as a Korean group by reaching the Billboard Hot 100 last year, but it seems their life and activity in the United States was tougher than expected, according to a claim by the group's former English tutor.
Korean War resurrected onscreen
The Korean War (1950-53) has unfortunately been dubbed ``The Forgotten War'' overseas, but for Koreans the deep scar it left behind is still sorely felt. In time for the 60th anniversary ...