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Wed, December 6, 2023 | 11:08
Say cheese at Blooming Gardens new cheese bar
Popular Italian restaurant Blooming Garden opened its latest branch near Cheonggye Stream in Seoul early this month ― a “cheese bar.”
A trip around South Jeolla Province
The breeze may still be a bit chilly, but the southern part of the Korean peninsula is already welcoming spring. Yeosu, South Jeolla Province, is not only getting ready for the flowery season, but also Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea, with neighboring cities Gwangyang, Gurye and Hadong joining in.
Grade bubble forming at universities
Many would think good grades are the easiest and surest criterion to distinguish a good student from bad one, but what happens when everybody gets good grades?
Japan says no thanks to Korean nuclear experts help
Japan has refused proposed assistance from South Korean nuclear experts as it struggles to deal with the dangers of a possible nuclear power plant meltdown.
KAIST under pressure to prevent suicides
Another student from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) took his own life Tuesday, the third suicide at the prestigious school in three months.
Koreans disappointed with Japan’s Dokdo claims
Japan’s recent territorial claims to the Dokdo islets in the latest editions of its school textbooks is pouring cold water on what was a warming relationship with Korea following the earthquake and tsunami there.
Guitar strings pluck heart strings again
The guitar is back, unplugged. Once legendary folk musicians with their acoustic guitars slung over their shoulders are returning to center stage, dominated these days by flashy girl groups and boy bands.
Korean students reluctant to engage in politics
Most Korean students said that they would vote in national elections but are reluctant to engage more actively in politics, according to a report Sunday.
2 cabbies fall to death from overpass
Two deluxe taxi drivers were found dead below a 7-meter high road in what is seen as an accident after they fell from an overpass during a fight over their turns to pick up customers, police said Wednesday.
Man kills wife, attempts to murder son
A man was arrested for killing his wife after a fight and also for attempting to murder his seven-year-old son who had witnessed the crime, Thursday.
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