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Fri, March 31, 2023 | 06:03
Legendary `gumiho’ tale gets a facelift
Along with the sizzling heat comes the tragic tale of the ``gumiho,'' or nine-tailed fox.
Seo Hee becomes first Korean soloist at ABT
Korean Ballerina Seo Hee has become the first Korean soloist for the American Ballet Theater (ABT), one of the most prestigious dance troupes in the world.
Rocker opines his best subject: music
Singer Shin Hae-chul may be famous for his music
SM Entertainment to launch world tour
Artists under SM Entertainment, one of the nation’s biggest entertainment agencies, are getting together for a world tour starting next month.
Recent Books
Marietta McCarty, translated from English to Korean by Han sang-seok; Timebooks
Get lighter with `Diet War’ season 4
Summer is here, and this means more exercise, less food and the resultant fatigue. For those who need some advice and companionship, tune in to cable channel Story On’s fourth season of its popular program ``Diet War.’’
Fashion on TV: are just facts enough?
For fashion-savvy men and women, television is the easiest way to tune into the latest trends. Nowadays, cable channels offer various programs from both home and abroad, and
Stay healthy by studying your genes
Checking your genes might be another way to stay healthy.
Bae Doo-na returns to small screen
Model-turned actress Bae Doo-na is returning to the small screen through a new drama series ``Gloria.’’
Will new culinary program spice up TV?
Cable channel KBS N Joy is airing a culinary competition based on Korea's favorite sauce: gochujang, or hot red pepper paste.