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Sun, December 3, 2023 | 02:41
Drama fest to offer diversity
The Seoul International Drama Festival, to be held from Sept. 1 to 10, will likely provide drama lovers a little bit more than just enjoying the storylines and characters.
World music to entice local ears
When jazz vocalist Nah Youn-sun went to visit a friend’s house in Paris, she was surprised to find that the friend was listening to Indian music, cooking Thai food and drinking African tea. The exhilarating experience has made her wonder why this is not common in Korea.
Mickys challenge: from idol to actor
Transforming from an idol to an actor can be tricky.
Inaugural int’l seminar sheds light on Ganhwa Seon
Korean Buddhism has made progress by leaps and bounds in promoting the religion to the general public through various culturally accessible projects including templestays and the annual lotus lantern ...
Now showing
The Expendables Directed by and starring Sylvester Stallone, this action thriller is about a group of mercenaries that heads to South America to overthrow an evil tyrant. The all-star cast includes a host of action heroes including Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Jason Stantham, Terry Crews, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eric Roberts and more. 18 and over. 103 ...
Nah: new tunes but still the Same Girl
For jazz singer Nah Youn-sun, making an album is not just about recording good songs one by one, but choosing the perfect numbers that hold a particular meaning, not only for herself, but also for the listener, songwriter or, in some cases, the original singer.
K-Pop concerts beckon fans
After Stevie Wonder wowed fans with his popular tunes, powerful vocals and unforgettable stage presence, local K-pop groups are following suit with a festival to keep the musical wave high and flowing.
Hanbang for the heat and health
Outdoors the heat is sizzling hot while indoors the air conditioners are turbo charged to provide some relief. Although it would be difficult to endure the extreme heat without any cool air, this wide gap in temperature cannot be good for your body. Instead of battling the heat with cold beverages or ice cream, try something traditional to beat those scorching rays while doin...
Stevie Wonder enthralls with soulful harmony
The Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park, southern Seoul, is seldom packed for a concert of any kind, but the 10,000-seat venue was jam-packed from top to bottom with hoards of fans that traveled from near and far to watch soul superstar Stevie Wonder perform Tuesday night.
Show brings shopping, traveling to small screen
Traveling around the world and searching for old and new curio is one of the biggest excitements in life, but for Keith Johnson, buyer for lifestyle store Anthropologie and host of reality show ``Man Shops Globe,’’ it’s his job and passion.