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Sat, April 1, 2023 | 07:16
Vogue Korea to host global fashion fest
If you are into fashion, this Wednesday will be a festival fit for you, literally.
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The late Korean President Park Chung-hee is arguably the most contested figure in the country’s postwar history. Some glorify him as the father of modern Korea, crediting his leadership for the country’s meteoric rise from the war-torn ashes to become an Asian economic power. Others recall him as a ruthless dictator who suppressed democratization.
Korean bhikkhunis, creating a culture of their own
Walk into any Buddhist temple in Korea, and you will readily find female monks, or ``bhikkhunis,’’ walking or praying in the temple grounds, just like any other male monk. Sometimes it’s even harder to notice at a glance if they are female or male; which indicates that in Korea, there are almost no hints of discrimination in terms of the Buddhist faith.
Kim Young-mos delicious journey with bread
The hottest TV drama these days is not about doll-faced actors tangled up in a love triangle, but involves a determined young fellow who dreams of becoming the best baker in Korea. The KBS television series ``Bread, Love and Dreams’’ is leading the drama scene, and it’s not just the actors and storyline that is attracting viewers, but the gorgeous bread and cakes that fill th...
Is local TV neglecting younger crowd?
For four-year-old preschooler Park Sang-lin, watching television is not as exciting as it used to be.
Miss Korea crowned Miss Asia
You Soo-jung, second runner-up in the Miss Korea 2009 pageant, was crowned Miss Asia at the gala for Miss Supranational 2010, held in Plock, Poland, Saturday.
10th Global broadcasting trade show due in Sept.
This year marks the 10th anniversary of the broadcast content trade show ITSCON BCWW, and organizers are promising a more interesting and worthwhile event for buyers, sellers and visitors.
Gwanghwamun Kyobo opens after revamp
Kyobo Book Centre reopened its Gwanghwamun branch after a five-month renovation, Friday.
Docu director capturing spectacle of daily life
Legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock once said that ``in feature films, the director is God; in documentary films, God is the director.’’
Jackie Chan to promote Asia Song Festival
It’s been 48 years since Jackie Chan made his first film, but the 56-year-old looks younger than ever. According to the Hong Kong-born superstar, the secret to his youth is helping those in need, regardless of nationality, language, age and gender.