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Thu, February 22, 2024 | 05:30
[HS] Seoul Fest to embroider autumn night
Enjoy a melodic night with some of the best artists in Seoul and from around the world at the Seoul Soul Festival 2010 next month.
Realism essential for local teen dramas
KBS is seeking to bring about a change in the sluggish teenage program scene with its new series “Jungle Fish 2” this week. Hopes are running high, but with numerous shows captivating the younger crowd these days, it will take more than pretty school uniforms and fresh faces to keep the viewers watching.
Recent Books
The Postman, the landmark 500-line poem by Korea’s leading modernist poet Mun Dok-su, has at last been translated into English by veteran literature translator Brother Anthony of Taize.
Hip hop singer Lil Jon to perform in Seoul
American hip hop singer and producer Lil Jon is coming to Korea for the first time as part of his Asian tour.
Koreas Next Top Model to debut
The famous opening “You wanna be on top?” signals the start of the hit reality show “America’s Next Top Model,” and local fans can now watch the exciting show with a bit of a twist. A Korean twist, that is.
Chuseok: prime time for couch potatoes
Chuseok is the time for migrating home en masse, or for couch potatoes, the perfect time to camp out in front of the screen. TV networks are offering a colorful array of programs for the big holiday and travelers can even tune into fun programs en route through IPTV, to make the long road trip less grueling.
Baekje revived through TV documentary
The Baekje Kingdom (18 B.C.-660 A.D.) is commonly known as the “lost kingdom,” probably because there are not many historical records, artifacts or sites that can give us clues compared to other kingdoms. ...
Local kids productions should go global
Walk into a stationery store in Seoul and you will find numerous colorful office and home appliance products decorated with various characters and avatars. Korea is infatuated with unique and cute characters, but it requires a bit more to translate them to take on educational roles and acquire an international presence.
Blues singer takes musical journey
Singer-songwriter Kang Huh Dallim’s voice is magnetic. It’s a bit old-fashioned compared to the voices of the young and hip stars, but instead fills the listener with a sense of nostalgia emitting a hint of jazz, blues, rock, and even Korean traditional music. Her voice is not something you would call sweet or pretty, but it pulls the listener in, something that is seldom pos...
K-pop stars kick off SM world tour in LA
When fans waiting in line for the S.M. Town Live 2010 World Tour in front of the Staples Center, Los Angeles, looked up at the sky, they were surprised to see the banners ```Relive S.M. Town at ALL K-POP.COM’’ trailing from a group of airplanes, The Korea Times' sister paper Sports Hankook reported Monday.