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Sun, December 10, 2023 | 05:28
Foreigners pick tteokbokki as favorite street food
The spicy dish of tube-shaped rice cakes, ``tteokbokki,’’ frequently found in food stalls around Korea was selected by foreigners as their favorite street food.
Schools moving to take all Saturdays off
The government and a major teachers’ group have in principle agreed to take all Saturdays off at primary and secondary schools. They also agreed to work out details to fully expand the five-day school week which is currently being implemented every other week.
Sexual discrimination rampant at offices
More than 50 percent of office workers in their twenties and thirties have experienced sexual discrimination at work, a survey showed Wednesday.
Students balk at KAIST chiefs message on suicides
Students at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) reacted negatively to an online message posted by President Seo Nam-pyo on a series of suicides by students there.
Ahn Cheol-soo moving to SNU
Ahn Cheol-soo, founder and former CEO of AhnLab, one of the nation’s first IT startups, will lead a fusion technology institute at Seoul National University (SNU), according to company officials Tuesday.
Conflict over SNU privatization escalates
Clashes over the government-initiated plan to privatize Seoul National University (SNU) are intensifying between its management and opposing professors and students.
Professor salary gap widening
Not only is being a professor among the most revered jobs in Korea, but it also pays fairly well. Not all are on top though as the salary gap among professors is widening.
Sneaky smokers bring KTX to sudden stop
Some smokers cannot resist the temptation to light up in the restroom aboard a bullet train. But such acts could turn out very risky and costly.
Call for tuition cuts grows louder
Collegians are mounting their calls for the government and schools to take steps to rein in soaring tuition fees, with Ewha University students threatening to boycott compulsory religious services in protest of tuition hikes.
Arrest warrant sought for Shin gambling
Prosecutors sought an arrest warrant for Shin Jung-hwan, 37, singer-turned-TV personality, for habitual gambling overseas, Thursday.
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