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Mon, January 30, 2023 | 23:09
From Rags to Riches: Koreas success story
With numerous international delegations and important business officials heading to Seoul for the G20 summit, a simple yet well written book about Korea is expected to help visitors and future visitors understand the host country and be inspired by the challenging obstacles it overcame throughout the years.
G20 Summit to yield positive outcome: survey
Eight out of 10 journalists believe that the upcoming G20 summit will see a positive outcome, according to a survey conducted by the Asian Journalists Association (AJA).
Embrace elegance with Mariinsky Theatre Ballet
While the origins of ballet come from Western Europe, its development and flourishing ended up mostly in Russia. Hence the high-profile ballet companies in the region and also numerous dancers with long histories and esteemed reputations.
National Geographic:state of world caught on camera
The small yellow rectangular logo is recognized everywhere and behind the logo stands a very historical mission: to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge while
Longoria ready to host MTVs EMAs
Actress Eva Longoria may seem like she’s all about glamour, but the 35-year-old actress is also all about music as well.
Dont do it unless you truly love it, says winner
For Jamie Chang, the Commendation Award winner of the 41st Modern Korean Literature Translation Awards contest for fiction, entering the local competition was a coincidence, as she discovered it by chance, reading about it in a biography.
Study authors life and works
Translating poetry can difficult as it expresses multiple, abstract meanings and words. This was exactly the case for Kim Ha-na and John Mokrynskyj, the winners of the Commendation Award in the 41st Modern Korean Literature Translations Awards contest in poetry.
Read, write, think your way for translation, say winners
When translating, it’s crucial to understand not only the words, but also the rhythm, flow and the vibe of a particular work, which comes from intensive reading and practice.
Translation: discovering ones identity
Perhaps the best way to enhance one’s translation and interpretation skills is to move abroad and live in a foreign country. Everywhere you go, everyone you meet is speaking in a language different from yours, and unless you are a fluent speaker, your mind has to work quickly and accurately to communicate and this is a small process of translation as a layered task.
[60thAnni] Are girl groups riding next hallyu wave?
While some argue that “hallyu,” or the Korean wave has seen its limits, others are discovering yet another one slowly making its way to Asian television channels, newspapers and magazines.