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Fri, February 3, 2023 | 12:06
[Weekender] A guide to gorgeous Greece
GREECE — The country may be undergoing rough times, budget deficits and protests, but Greece remains one of the most famous destinations
Athena to sneak into homes this month
The poster says it all: black suits, edgy, stern and somewhat mysterious gazes, and guns in hand. “Athena,” the new spinoff of the previous hit drama “Iris” (KBS) is creating a buzz, and viewers can finally check out if all the hype is worthwhile Dec. 13.
MTVs concert to raise awareness on AIDS
Dec. 1 marks World AIDS Day and MTV is holding a special concert and campaign to raise awareness.
JYJs first concet signals rough, chilly start
Members of boy band JYJ may have made headlines with their departure from one of Korea’s most popular bands, TVXQ, and with their efforts in broadening their fan base, but it seems they will need to work on the basics: professionalism and consideration to the audience.
[Weekender] Gimjang, the art of kimchi-making
As the air gets chillier and coats get thicker, children and fathers will start searching for their gloves and hats, but the mothers mark their calendars and prepare for one of the biggest and most important seasonal ``rituals’’ of the year: ``Gimjang.’’
Butterfly gets lost between plot, music
When music becomes one of the main characters of a movie, it takes more than good lyrics and tunes to captivate viewers. It has to work with all the other ingredients, including the plot, and mesh well enough to create a synergy effect.
Rare offering of Middle Eastern art in Seoul
Local art buffs will be able to explore a rare exhibition of artworks from the Middle East in Seoul this week.
Album reviews
Why we recommend it: It’s a rare piece of work ― not just because the classical guitar is still the minority in the classical music community, but because it’s so polished and well-rounded. The album features hallmarks of the classical guitar repertoire ― posing thus a true test of an instrumentalist’s caliber, which Yang jumps over lightly with her virtuosic playing.
Battle of the bands: TVXQ versus JYJ
Boy band TVXQ is returning to the pop scene, or at least two of the remaining members are, to be exact.
Yellow Sea to offer real drama, thrills
The buzz has not started quite yet, but the three names that appear on the poster of the new film “Yellow Sea” will likely be more than enough to have local cineastes marking their calendars.