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Mon, December 11, 2023 | 04:36
Detained Korean students in Philippines to return home
The 110 Korean students who have been detained for about a week in the Philippines for studying English at a language school without the necessary visa permits will return to Korea by the end of January, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said Friday.
Hotel Lobby
The Bistro, Novotel Ambassador Gangnam’s European restaurant, is presenting “French Harmony,” a French-style menu for a limited time.
12 Tablo bashers indicted for libel
The prosecution indicted 12 Internet users on charges of defamation Thursday for disseminating libelous disinformation questioning the academic achievements and school record of hip hop singer Tablo.
Craze for top English hagwon sweeps Gangnam
Getting into a university in Korea is a tough process, but when it comes to competition, it goes a long way back to start right from the younger years now.
Two Samsung workers commit suicide in 10 days
Two Samsung Electronics workers threw themselves off a dormitory building in Asan, South Chungcheong Province, less than two weeks apart in apparent unrelated suicides.
Grants to be given to Nobel Prize hopefuls
The government will provide 300 graduate students with 60 million won each for two years, in a bid to nurture future Nobel Prize winners.
Police to guard against ugly graduation rituals
A school graduation may be the last place people would expect to find policemen on guard, but when annual celebrations are smeared with excessive pranks, including nudity, there can be no exception.
Sungshin Womens Univ. freezes tuition
Sungshin Women’s University said Tuesday it has decided not to increase its tuition fees this year, to help relieve the financial burden on students and parents.
KAIST students suicide sets off alarm bell
The apparent suicide of a young, aspiring robot expert has stirred the nation, raising questions about the alternate admissions system that allowed him to study at one of the most prestigious schools in Korea but overlooked other important aspects.
Hagwon takes tuition dispute to court
Private cram schools or “hagwon” are balking at the government’s move to freeze private tutoring costs, filing lawsuits to neutralize the education authorities’ orders to cap the rise in tuition.