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Sun, December 3, 2023 | 07:17
Late SNU student acknowledged for volunteer work in Tanzania
A Seoul National University (SNU) student who died from a heart attack while he was doing volunteer work in Tanzania will receive an honorary diploma from the school.
Admissions officer system to be upgraded
The newly elected head of a universities’ association Thursday said he will revamp the current admissions officer system to help successful applicants better adapt to their new academic environment and consequently more fully develop their talents and potential.
President of Handong Univ. to lead KCUE
Kim Young-gil, president of Handong Global University, was nominated as chairman of the Korean Council for University Education (KCUE), Wednesday.
University students to roam around world for Dokdo
Changing history is not a joke: it takes time and effort, but it also grows from the smallest endeavors. This is exactly what five young and passionate Korean university students are hoping to achieve for some 170 days during a trip around the world.
Kyung Hee Univ. to build school in Kenya
Kyung Hee University has announced plans to build a school in Kenya to support needy children.
Mother arrested for killing, burying 2-year-old daughter
A mother was apprehended on the suspicion of having killed and buried her two-year-old daughter, the Ulsan Police Station said Tuesday.
Extreme cold takes hold on everyday life
Yun Jeong-man, 56, a security guard at an apartment complex in southern Seoul is spending his busiest winter ever in his 20 years on the job.
1 in 7 students experience bullying via cell phones
One out of seven students are harassed through their mobile phones, by receiving insulting text messages and victimized in malicious jokes, a study showed.
Physical punishment: permissible or not?
The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology put the brakes on the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education’s move to put a complete ban on all kinds of corporal punishment, throwing schools into confusion.
Japanese cartoon of K-pop girl groups raises eyebrows
An online Japanese cartoon is drawing protest from netizens here as it overstated sensational and derogatory images of K-pop girl groups.
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