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Mon, January 30, 2023 | 23:55
Lawmakers to visit Gaeseong complex
North Korea said on Thursday that it will allow lawmakers from the National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee to visit the Gaeseong Industrial Complex (GIC).
Seoul slams Japan for Dokdo video
The government criticized what it called an “anachronistic” act by Japan, Wednesday, after the latter released a video highlighting its claims to Korea’s easternmost islets of Dokdo via Youtube and its foreign ministry website.
US institutes 'peddling' NK collapse theories
American foreign affairs and security institutions are again spreading scenarios of North Korean collapsing, which experts here claim is one of the least-likely possibilities in the Stalinist state.
Countries urged to unite for more stable cyberspace
Countries participating in the 2013 Seoul Conference on Cyberspace urged close cooperation between countries for the sake of increased cyber security, Friday.
Japanese politicians slammed over shrine tribute
The government criticized Japanese lawmakers for paying their respects at a controversial war shrine in Tokyo, Friday.
Digital divide tops Seoul agenda
Officials from developing countries participating in the 2013 Seoul Conference on Cyberspace, Thursday, called for more international cooperation to eliminate the gap between those who have and do not have access to Internet.
Cybersecurity knowhow should be shared by all
Choi Sung-joo, head of the preparatory secretariat for the Seoul Conference on Cyberspace 2013, said a more active transfer of cybersecurity technology is needed to help developing nations develop their capacity in cyberspace.
Preparatory workshop sets stage
Around 300 experts from various countries, international organizations and private companies taking part in the Seoul Conference on Cyberspace 2013 gathered at COEX in southern Seoul, the venue for the upcoming conference, Wednesday, to share the results of the pre-workshops.
Seoul to play bridging role in cyberspace issues
Second Vice Foreign Minister Cho Tae-yul said that South Korea will fulfill its role as a mediator between developed and developing countries at an international cyberspace conference that begins today for two days here in Seoul.
6-party nations minus NK to meet on cyber security
Countries involved in the long-stalled six-party talks, except for North Korea, plan to hold a meeting to discuss cyber security issues during an upcoming Seoul conference on cyberspace scheduled for Thursday and Friday, according to an official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tuesday.