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Mon, December 4, 2023 | 21:34
Celebrating Hangeul Day in France
Korean-language students at the King Sejong Institute Paris take part in a large-scale calligraphy performance writing "Hangeul Day" in the Korean alphabet, known as Hangeul, at the Paris Korea Center, Oct. 6, to commemorate Hangeul Day, which falls on Oct. 9. The public institution serves as a global promoter of Korean language and culture, while the Paris branch acts as the...
Seoul's palaces welcome autumn with K-Royal Culture Festival
The vivid colors of fall will soon adorn the palaces of Seoul, providing a majestic backdrop for the 2023 Fall K-Royal Culture Festival, combining history, art and natural beauty.
Reprint of 'Hunminjeongeum' Haerye edition
Kim Seul-ong, director of the Sejong Institute of Korean Language and Culture, holds a republication of "Hunminjeongeum" Eonhae edition, left, and a "Hunminjeongeum" Haerye edition during a press conference in Seoul, Thursday. The Kansong Art and Culture Foundation has partnered with publisher Gaonnuri to reprint the "Hunminjeongeum" Haerye edition from its collection, aiming...
Storytelling festival to liven up myths of Jeju Island
The 6th Korea International Storytelling Festival, organized by the Korea International Storytellers Association under the guidance of Bang Dong-joo, aims to unite both international and local storytellers in a celebration of narrative and cultural exchange, Oct. 6-9.
Hangeul Week 2023
Culture Minister Park Bo-gyoon, left, presents the Sejong Culture Award to hair artist Son Mi-gyung during the opening ceremony of the 2023 Hangeul Week and Hangeul Culture Industry Expo at the aT Center in southern Seoul, Wednesday. In celebration of the 577th Hangeul Day, which falls on Oct. 9, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the National Hangeul Museum join...
Video series rediscovers ASEAN through architectural lens
In honor of World Tourism Day, which falls on Sept. 27, the ASEAN-Korea Centre has released a fresh series of videos that spotlight the unique architecture and lifestyles of Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam.
Rwandan artists bring diversity to Seoul's art scene
In a world where geographical boundaries often dictate cultural narratives, the "African Aurora" exhibition at Gallery Desiego on Mount Nam in Seoul shatters the illusion of distance, bringing vibrant Rwandan contemporary art to the heart of Korea.
Cho Seong-jin celebrates 140-year ties between Korea, UK
Pianist Cho Seong-jin stands to takes a bow after playing Shostakovich’s piano concerto with the Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Santtu-Matias Rouvali, at the Southbank Centre in London, Sept. 24. It was the second time for the 2015 Chopin Piano Competition winner to play with the renowned British orchestra this year. Courtesy of Korean Cultural Centre U.K.
Hebrew University students travel to Korea to explore musical landscape
Sixteen students from Hebrew University's Korean studies program embarked on a journey in late August to build a cultural bridge between the two countries while experiencing the sounds of Korea - from the pulsating beats of K-pop to the unique sounds of the country's traditional music - emboldened by a passion for cultural understanding and innovation.
Taegeukgi with Stars and Stripes
Culture Minsiter Park Bo-gyoon, sixth from right, and Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Seoul Joy Sakurai, fifth from right, cut the tape during the opening ceremony of "Journey Together," a special exhibition commemorating the 70th anniversary of the Korea-U.S. alliance at the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History in downtown Seoul, Thursday. The exhibi...
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