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Fri, December 1, 2023 | 11:27
‘SheStars!’ revives forgotten legacy of pioneering K-pop girl groups
In the realm of global music, K-pop girl groups have etched a prominent mark, showcasing power, talent and resilience. However, modern glitz and glamour overshadow the pioneers who set the stage for these groups decades ago. A new musical 'SheStars!' pays homage to these trailblazers, conjuring a vivid journey back in time from Korea's first girl band Jeogori Sisters in the...
New musical 'Il Tenore' to portray dreams, struggles in 1930s Korea
Prepare to be transported to the turbulent 1930s in Korea, an era marked by vigorous independence movements and artistic defiance, as the highly anticipated musical 'Il Tenore' takes to the stage at the CJ Towol Theater of the Seoul Arts Center from Dec. 22 to Feb. 25, 2024.
Czech Philharmonic brings Bohemia to Seoul with all-Dvorak concert
The Czech Philharmonic, a leading orchestra from Central Europe, is set to enchant Seoul audiences with an all-Antonin Dvorak concert at the Seoul Arts Center on Oct. 24.
'Phantom of the Opera' marks 1,500th performance in Korea
Baritone Julian Kim, also known by his Korean name Kim Joo-taek, who plays the titular role in "The Phantom of the Opera," celebrates the 1,500th Korean performance of the musical with audience members of the evening show on Oct. 13, at the Charlotte Theater in southern Seoul. Since its Korean premiere in 2001, the Andrew Lloyd Webber blockbuster has drawn over 1.5 million at...
Korean dance repertoire 'Scent of Ink' heads to North America
The National Dance Company of Korea has set out on a North American tour, bringing its signature performance 'Scent of Ink' to the capital cities of Canada and the U.S.
[INTERVIEW] Jordan Scott's stuttering voice finds new resonance in Korea
Jordan Scott, a Canadian poet and children's book author who turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, visited Korea for the first time at the invitation of the Wow Book Festival, offering a fresh perspective on language and communication.
Song Hye-kyo provides Korean campus map for LACMA
In a move to celebrate the 577th anniversary of the proclamation of the Korean alphabet and further promote the Korean language and culture, actor Song Hye-kyo teamed up with professor Seo Kyung-duk to donate a Korean language map to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Oct. 9, on the occasion of Hangeul Day.
Celebrating Hangeul Day in France
Korean-language students at the King Sejong Institute Paris take part in a large-scale calligraphy performance writing "Hangeul Day" in the Korean alphabet, known as Hangeul, at the Paris Korea Center, Oct. 6, to commemorate Hangeul Day, which falls on Oct. 9. The public institution serves as a global promoter of Korean language and culture, while the Paris branch acts as the...
Seoul's palaces welcome autumn with K-Royal Culture Festival
The vivid colors of fall will soon adorn the palaces of Seoul, providing a majestic backdrop for the 2023 Fall K-Royal Culture Festival, combining history, art and natural beauty.
Reprint of 'Hunminjeongeum' Haerye edition
Kim Seul-ong, director of the Sejong Institute of Korean Language and Culture, holds a republication of "Hunminjeongeum" Eonhae edition, left, and a "Hunminjeongeum" Haerye edition during a press conference in Seoul, Thursday. The Kansong Art and Culture Foundation has partnered with publisher Gaonnuri to reprint the "Hunminjeongeum" Haerye edition from its collection, aiming...
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