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Sat, February 24, 2024 | 13:07
K-pop stars make overdue returns
Currently, K-pop programs are filled with new faces such as Sunny Hill, or B.A.P., but that is about to change. Many groups
Ex-propaganda painter marks world debut with US show
Once, he glorified the late North Korea leader Kim Jong-il as a propaganda artist in the Stalinist nation.
Learning from Swiss: how to support promising artists
The Swiss government, known for its successful social welfare system, excels in promoting upcoming visual artists as well. ...
’Music Island’ to push limits of K-pop
JEJU — With Sunny from Girls’ Generation as host on a stage on Jeju Island, “Music Island,” an upcoming K-pop program,
Facing the unbearable at ’Dutch Magical Realism’
In celebration of 50 years of a diplomatic relationship between Korea and the Netherlands, “Dutch Magical Realism: Past toward Contemporary” opened at the Museum of Art (MoA) at Seoul National University on Friday.
To be sold or destroyed
Post-impressionism master Vincent Van Gogh sold but one painting, “The Red Vinyard,” during his lifetime, near his death. Pursuing art is not a glorious path, especially in Korea where art collecting is at a budding stage.
Art therapy lets children open up
In many suspense movies or TV shows, we
Album review
Jay Park, Se7en
Experience punk hair at ’Shalom’
Shalom Hairshop was a sensation when it first opened in the beauty salon neighborhood near Ewha Womans University in 2000.
’Visual Anthropology of Mexico’ brings masters to Korea
Since 1957, the Mexican government has collected artwork from artists in lieu of taxes. These creative
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