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Wed, September 27, 2023 | 07:23
New TV corner on mens‘ grooming
Cable channel XTM is adding a corner on grooming to its men’s trend-watching show “Homme 4.0.” The new segment “Get It Grooming” is inspired by On Style’s “Get It Beauty.” With singer-turned-actress Eugene as the host, the women’s beauty show is responsible for increasing the sales of the numerous products it has featured.
Seoul Fashion Week to take runways outdoors
Seoul Fashion Week found new organizers and a new venue for the 2012 fall/winter collections to be shown on April 2.
Artist creates phantoms of homes, nostalgia
Anyone who has moved around the globe will understand the feeling of dislocation — faint memories of places accumulate only to diffuse the sense of belonging.
Art at nuclear summit
The National Museum of Contemporary Art is holding “Art Project 2012: Communion” at the media center of the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit at COEX, Samseong-dong in southern Seoul through Wednesday. The exhibition invited 10 artists from Korea and Japan to showcase their works exploring the issues of nuclear security and international collaboration for peace.
Michael Craig-Martin at Gallery Hyundai
Across a sky blue panel, multicolor letters spell painting; line drawings of unrelated everyday objects — a fire extinguisher, chair and handcuffs — float on top of each other. There is nothing mysterious about this Michael Craig-Martin acrylic piece “Untitled (Painting).” In fact, all of his recent paintings are explicit, simple, and recognizable.
Boston museum to upgrade Korean gallery
The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston will renovate its Korean ...
Brand conscious auctions
This week, two large scale art auctions took place in Seoul. Seoul Auction and K Auction, the
20th anniversary of Seo Taiji and Boys
With that musical declaration, the history of Korean pop music changed completely 20
‘Dansaekhwa‘ highlights timeless movement
Not one of 135 paintings at “Dansaekhwa; Korean Monochrome Painting” at the National Museum of Contemporary Art fails to overwhelm the viewer both in scale and rigor.
Half-human, half-bird creatures at night
Humans have admired birds’ wings from time immemorial, but printmaker Han Ji-min instead reveres their beaks.
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